Published On: Fri, Apr 1st, 2022

5 Drinks to Aid Weight Loss

Losing weight seems to be on most, if not everybody’s, New Year’s resolution. People not only want to lose some pounds to look better but also to feel better. Being overweight and obese is accompanied by illness and a less healthy lifestyle.

People, if not millennials, have become more and more creative with the ways to lose weight. From aerobics to Zumba to Pilates and keto diet, there are various ways to assist you in getting that dream number on the scale. However, sometimes exercise and dieting are not enough, there are also drinks and supplements that aid in weight loss. Listed here below are few of the weight loss drinks that you might want to try. 

1.  Green Tea

Green tea is not only good for the skin but also good for the health. Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, studies have shown that drinking this tea decreases body weight and fat. Also, caffeine is present in green tea, which also aids in weight loss by increasing metabolism and resulting in fat loss. 

2.  Mushroom Tea

By adding kombucha to black tea or green tea, you get mushroom tea. Kombucha is rich in probiotics and provides healthy bacteria to the gut. These bacteria also aim in weight loss and prevent inflammation.

3.  Coffee

Coffee is used as energy and emotional booster. Caffeine acts as a stimulant and fuels fat burning and metabolism. It also decreases calorie intake. 

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4.  Black Tea

Because black tea has experienced more oxidation than its other tea cousins, it is darker in colour and stronger in flavour. Polyphenols are potent antioxidants helpful in weight loss. These polyphenols are highly found in black tea, making it a good weight loss drink. 

5.  Water

The cheapest drink to aid in weight loss is none other than, water. By increasing your water intake, you feel full even before you eat your meal and increases the calories you burn. What’s good with increased water intake is that you lose weight while at the same time you improve your overall health.  

Author: Rana Tarakji

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