Published On: Sun, Nov 17th, 2019

5 Content Marketing Hacks to Promote Your Business Website

Are you finding it hard to promote your business website and generate traffic? Well, no worries! You are not the only one facing this challenge.

I’ll start by asking if you have checked your website’s performance? A website with low page load time can find it hard to generate traffic. That’s because it’ll be hard for such sites to become visible on SERP, even if you utilize all the effective marketing strategies.

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Checking your site performance is an essential first step that can help you determine why your site is not generating enough traffic. Most times, when you purchase a hosting option from unreliable providers, you might end up having a low-speed website. If you are in that category, the first thing that you need is to purchase a better hosting that’ll improve your website. Check out the latest Black Friday web hosting deals here to buy plans from reliable hosting providers and migrate your database with ease. You may also want to check out this BlueHost deal, which is a very popular and trustable hosting brand, that we can recommend for a high performing website.. Now that you have a better hosting provider, you can consider optimizing your site’s performance by using PageSpeed insights. It’ll tell you what you need to fix the issue and speed up your website.

If you’re sure of having a high-performance website, what’s next is to focus on content marketing.

Although the strategy is useful and can help to promote your website, it can be very challenging to do. That’s because it requires that you use the right hacks to achieve the best results. In this article, we’ll be looking at five content marketing hacks that can help to generate more traffic to your site.

  • Use Advanced Guest Blogging

One way to use advanced guest blogging strategy is by contacting people to guest blog for you. One of its advantages is that you need not worry about writing content. It’ll help you save time and effort. Apart from that, it can help you to shift focus and connect with new people. Also, it can help you to acquire more authority, which enables your website to grow.

But how do you get bloggers to guest blog for your website? Let’s explore some of the steps that you can follow.

  • Find guest bloggers for your site

You can find guest bloggers for your website through your niche-related competitor’s site. At least, you should be able to identify top sites in your niche community. Take a look at them one at a time and scroll to their content section. Search for appealing articles and check for the guest bloggers. Get their names and contacts and keep them safe.

  • Contact the guest bloggers

There are many ways you can talk to guest bloggers to writing for your website. You need to be smart about it by telling them what is in it for them. So, mail them and let them know that it’s an opportunity for them to get more traffic to their site. Also, ensure you break it down to them on how they can generate traffic for their brand.

  • Wait, while they respond

What’s next is for you to wait for their responses. A positive response means you can start generating traffic that matters to your site.

  • Develop In-depth Content

An in-depth content refers to content that you take your time to develop. It involves giving careful consideration to every aspect of the writing. In-depth content are usually about 2000 words and more, which can give you better results on the search engine research page. According to research, content-rich sites get more links. Most people are willing to link to in-depth content because they understand that content is valuable. Let’s explore a few things that you should focus on when developing in-depth content.

  • Pick a broad topic. For instance, you can choose blogging, learning & development, or traffic generation. All that’s required is to select the one that enables you to dig deep.
  • Use long-tail keywords for your headlines. For instance, how to incorporate gamification strategy in an onboarding process?
  • Look for metrics to back up your opinions.
  • Ensure you have your readers in mind and develop interesting content.
  • Introduce eye-catching pictures and videos as they are better to engage your readers.
  • Always create links to relevant authority sites.


  • Create Clickable And Eye-Catching Headlines

What is the point of writing top-notch and relevant content, if no one is reading it? Your headlines are helpful tools that you can employ to capture your readers’ attention. So, if you aren’t achieving the type of click-through rate that you expected, then it could be that your headlines aren’t clickable. Here are a few ways to improve your clickable headlines.

  • Forget about trying new formats and stick to familiar ones that are effective and reliable.
  • If familiar formats fail to work, then research your audience to know what suits their style.
  • Be attentive to your analytics to understand when a format is not working for you.


  • Repurpose Your Old Content

Most audiences only care about getting quality content that adds value. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re using a new or rehashing old content. What matters is ensuring that your deliveries are top-notch and meet up with your readers’ requirements.

You can make use of different formats, including;

  • You can convert it into microlearning videos or podcast format.
  • You can turn it into a short SlideShare and make it more engaging.
  • You can also rehash it into newly updated content.

Repurposing your old content can help you generate more traffic to your site, as long as it’s unique and engaging.

  • Curate Your Content

Curating content involves making your content easy for your readers to access in a blog post. By focusing on content curation, you help your readers to reduce the stress of searching for the right information they craved.

Although content curation can be time-consuming, taking your time to do it can help you promote your website, and give you enough sales.

In conclusion

While many content marketing hacks can help you to improve your business ROI, the above five are useful hacks. They have worked for many people in the past, and surely, they’ll help you achieve better results. Ensure you use them and repeat them from time to time to generate traffic that matters.

Author: Priyangshu Borgohain

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