Published On: Fri, Nov 23rd, 2018

5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Make Simple Sandwiches Delicious

The problem with being a penny pinching packed-luncher is that you quickly exhaust your sandwich repertoire. And if, like most of us, you’re making a sandwich on the fly just before work, your repertoire is probably fairly dull to begin with. But help is at hand from Loan Broker Loanable who provide some indispensable tips to pimp up even the most humble sandwich.

1 Marinade Chunks of Chicken in Bicarbonate of Soda

This super-cheap ingredient has long been used in Chinese cooking to tenderise meat. One night at the start of the week, make a marinade out of the bicarbonate of soda, garlic, lemon and salt. Then, let a big batch of chopped up chicken absorb the marinade for few hours before cooking. The meat will pack a real flavour punch, and with a minimum of effort, you’ll have set yourself up with a few days worth of pasta dishes, salads and sandwiches to enjoy at lunch time.

Cayenne Peppers photo/ joe puengkaew

2 Invest in Cayenne Pepper

Available in most grocery stores, cayenne pepper has a fiery flavour which makes it perfect for livening-up pretty much anything. It can even freshen up a drab leftover turkey sandwich, while it’s vivid orange colour makes food appear vibrant. Even better, it can assist in the lowering of blood pressure, boost your metabolism and (if you’re lucky) its fiery qualities help to suppress the urge to snack in between meals.

3 Tarragon (and other tricks) to next-level the Egg Mayonnaise sandwich

First off, we’re not suggesting you go to the trouble of making mayonnaise yourself. For although that can be fun, many will deem life to short for it to be worth trying. So we’ll assume you’ll be mixing chopped egg with Hellmann’s mayonnaise or some other variety.  By then adding a sprinkling of fresh tarragon, it’s gentle, aniseed flavours will elevate your sandwich to a higher plain. You could also invest in duck instead of hen eggs which have richer, creamier yolks. And if you want the ultimate egg mayo offering, devil the eggs by adding some mustard to the mayo and a pinch of  cayenne pepper.

4) Anchovies

Much beloved of chefs, these small and cheap fish are known for being rich in the elusive 5th flavour: umami. Known for it’s rich and mouth-filling qualities, you may remember the Friends episode when Ross received much ridicule for praising umami’s virtues.  Anchovies work especially well when chopped up finely and served with red meats – and make a great addition to mayonnaise. But they really become king when added to meatball or chilli gravy – and so they can take your subs or hot dogs in to the stratosphere. And for the unacquainted, don’t be worried about them tasting fishy – they don’t.  They just bring ridiculous amounts of flavour.

5) Embrace our age of bread snobbery

There are times when nothing other than cheap, white bread will do. But we also need to collectively conquer our suspicion of “artisanal” breads because they can bring flavour and texture to the dullest of sandwiches. Sourdough can add texture and tang to any filling, while fresh crispy baguettes and brioche bring crunch and butteriness respectively which keeps things more interesting. And with holiday season upon us, maybe pick out something with cinnamon in it.

Happy sandwich making!

Author: Daniel Williams

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