Published On: Thu, Nov 8th, 2018

5 Best Places to Sell Used Video Games for Cash

Do you have a bunch of almost every video game that you no longer play? If yes, why don’t you consider selling them and put a few extra bucks in your pocket? Game trade in holds more value than you can ever imagine.  Video games are a favorite pastime for people of all ages. So whether you’re selling old video games to add a few extra cash to your wallet or want to monetize your hobby, there’s always someone out there looking for those video games you’re putting up for Sale.

eBay auction of $1.2 million in video games/eBay photo

Here’s an outline of the 5 best places to sell used video games for cash:


Amazon is one of the leading online marketplaces that allow you to trade in your used video games for quick cash. You can easily sign up on Amazon, list your items and get paid within a short time span. Amazon gives you two methods of unloading your old video games.

First, you can use the Amazon marketplace to sell your video games at your desired price. And secondly, you can opt to use Amazon’s trade-in service where the games are sold out at a set price. The trade-in option is considered the easiest selling method because Amazon offers a prepaid shipping label.


TradeInForCash is another online platform where you can trade in anything electronic. This online site allows you to sell video games, tech devices, consoles, and more. TradeInForCash accepts the sale of many different items, which makes it more efficient than having to list each item individually.


eBay is another excellent place to sell your old video games for quick cash. This platform allows you to maximize the amount you receive for your games. On eBay, games sell for as close to their market value as possible despite the fees charged on the auction service.

The best part is that eBay has no restrictions on the types of games you can sell. Unlike other retailers that only allow you to sell games for the current console generation, eBay accepts anything – including the retro stuff. This could be the first place to try if you have some classics.


You can use Glyde to sell your used video games, phones, tablets, and even MacBooks. Glyde pays you as soon as your product listing is purchased. Once your video games have been bought, Glyde sends you a prepaid mailing list to deliver your sold video games to the buyer.
Payment is by direct deposit, paper check, or Bitcoin. You’ll be required to pay a $2 fee upon accepting payment by mail.

Glyde doesn’t charge you to list your video games, but the platform only lists games from the newest systems. It only lists a handful of games from the oldest systems, including Sony PlayStation 2, original Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo 3DS/DS.


Craigslist is another financially lucrative option to sell your used video games locally. With Craigslist, there are neither shipping costs nor middleman commissions. That means you get to keep 100% profits to yourself.


Selling used video games is the absolute best way to make a quick buck. You can do this either as a side business or when you want to get rid of your unused games. The places we’ve highlighted above are the best for selling your old video games. Choose what you think suits you best.

Author: Sheikh Hazaifa

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