Published On: Sat, Aug 1st, 2020

5 Benefits of Taking a Multivitamin

People are always striving for balance. They try to eat well, exercise more, and sleep better. They try to navigate through each day of every week with as little stress as possible, taking everything in strides. But sometimes, even when they are doing their very best, a boost is needed. Whether it is to increase their body’s wellness to deal with stress and poor sleep or even dietary deficiencies that come from a busy life, everyone can use a little bit of help.  That’s where supplements come in. In order to fill the nutrient gaps, most people rely on multivitamins, but what exactly are they?

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Multivitamins are a combination of different vitamins and minerals that are commonly found in food sources. They are used to provide nutrients that are not taken in through diet alone to help support a healthy lifestyle. Some of the signs that you are vitamin deficient include brittle hair and nails, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, hair loss, bleeding gums, shortness of breath, and muscle weakness. Vitamins are important. Here are some of the best benefits of taking multivitamins daily:

Increased Energy Levels

Did you know that your body has to work much harder to perform simple tasks when you don’t get enough vitamins? This can lead to fatigue, drowsiness and other health problems. Taking multivitamins daily in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle can keep you energetic and fit all year  long.

Improved Mood

When your body is lacking certain vitamins, feelings of depression can sometimes occur. The good news is that taking a daily multivitamin has some positive effects on one’s mood and emotional well-being! Getting enough nutrients daily may help to improve brain functions that are responsible for your mood.

Reduces Stress 

In addition to improving your mood, a multivitamin may also significantly reduce levels of stress and feelings associated with anxiety. Your body uses B vitamins to convert food into fuel, keep the nervous system functioning in tip-top shape, and to regulate stress hormones. Multivitamins with B vitamins may help to keep your stress levels in check. 

Maintained Muscle Strength

Believe it or not, but free radicals are the main culprit behind muscle aging-related problems. Taking a multivitamin daily just might help to kick these harmful free radicals to the curb to help keep your muscles strong. 

Supports Strong Bones

As you age, your bone density naturally begins to decrease which can leave you susceptible to breaks and falls. Multivitamins that are packed with healthy nutrients like vitamin D and calcium can help to not only reduce the risk of falls, but help to improve one’s balance. 

If you are struggling with stress, loss of energy, lack of sleep or the inability to find balance in your life, then you just might benefit from incorporating a high quality multivitamin into your daily routine. Look for a multi that is:

  • Natural
  • Allergen free
  • Highly bioavailable (easily absorbed by the body)
  • Purity tested
  • Made without fillers, additives, or artificial colors. 

There are a ton of supplements available on the market today, but it is important to keep in mind that they are all not created equal. Make sure to purchase from a reputable company with a true passion to supply a multivitamin made from only the best ingredients possible. Stick with real food vitamins that come from nutritious whole foods to make sure your body is fully absorbing all the high-quality vitamins that your multi has to offer. Multivitamins work and are extremely effective, but it is crucial to make sure you are sticking with good quality supplementation to support your healthy lifestyle.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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