Published On: Thu, Nov 12th, 2015

5 Benefits of In-Home Humidifiers

Staying healthy has become a top priority for many families throughout the year and especially in the winter months of cold and flu season. When your immune system seems to be taking a beating, it can be wise to give yourself as many advantages as possible. One great way to keep yourself and your family healthier is by utilizing an in-home humidifier. In the past you may have believed humidifiers were an unnecessary addition to the home, but you can actually glean many benefits from these small devices. Included here are a few of the benefits and reasons to get a humidifier.

Soothe Respiratory System

It is no secret that your nasal passages can suffer in those winter months. With dry cold weather and cranked-up heating systems, the air can cause more frequent nosebleeds. Not to mention, the increased dryness is causing your nasal passages to not drain properly and become congested. By increasing the humidity in your home you can soothe the nasal passages by keeping them moist and relieve congestion and sinusitis.

Hydrate Skin

Are you constantly lathering on lotions and creams in winter months? Feeling your skin cracking from the dry air? A simple solution can be to up the humidity in your home. Your skin benefits from being in a moist environment and you can prevent cracks and flaking by using a humidifier. The increased humidity can also be a big benefit for your beauty regime, keeping your facial skin more supple and giving you the “dewy” look.

a sunflower field Photo by Bruce Fritz

Photo by Bruce Fritz

Ease Allergies

Allergies are often exacerbated by dust and allergens in the air. If your home is humidified, your nasal passages will remain moist and be less irritated by allergens. Similarly, children who suffer from asthma can find relief in humidifiers running during the day and night. Many parents enjoy utilizing humidifiers with essential oils or medicines that can clean the air and enhance breathing (like Vicks Vapo).

Stop Snoring

For those of you living with a lumberjack, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep. The answer may be as simple as turning on a humidifier in the evening hours. Snoring is often the result of insufficient nasal breathing as well as the drying out of the throat. Higher humidity can help ease these symptoms so both of you can get a better night’s rest! You may also find a humidifier that doubles as a white noise machine to drown out the sound.

Reduce Risk of Infection

You may be surprised to know that many airborne viruses travel faster in dry air. This is assumed to be due to the fact that airborne bacteria causing illness cannot survive as well in highly humid air. If you have friends and family coughing in your home, a house with 43% humidity or higher could keep you healthier.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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