Published On: Fri, Jul 31st, 2020

4 Ways Veterans are Acknowledged

Heroes live among us in the United States of America, with a large majority of them being veterans to the United States military.

 They give the ultimate sacrifice—they put their lives, their family’s lives and their freedoms on the line to ensure that America remains the greatest country in the world. This has been the mindset of the United States military since its formation back in the 1700s. Today, there are nearly 200,000 young Americans who register as military recruits each and every year.

 But have you ever wondered what happens to the veterans and how they are acknowledged for their sacrifices after their services in the military have concluded? The United States Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guards have all made an unbreakable oath to never forget their veterans—which is what has led to the Department of Veterans Affairs being formed.

Former Army Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha receives the Medal of Honor from President Obama at a White House ceremony on Feb. 11.
Mike Morones / Military Times

 The Department of Veterans Affairs ensures that the veterans of the United States military are properly acknowledged and never forgotten about or left behind. So here are four ways in which they acknowledge the sacrifices made by these veterans.

  1.     A Commemorative Patch

Each veteran gets to add a commemorative veteran patch to their collection of military patches as a way to summarize the unwavering service they provided to their country. Military patches, in general, are a great way to keep a legacy alive and the veteran patch is the last one to the ensemble that wraps up the whole story.

  1. Health Benefits

No doubt about it, veterans have most likely gone through hell and back during their times of service. Some may have been physically injured and others mentally injured. The Health Benefits for veterans sets out to ensure that they get adequate medical services at no personal cost to their own. To do this, the Department of Veterans Affairs have medical facilities that offer everything from surgeries, mental health therapies, radiology, physical therapy sessions and orthopaedics—so no matter what the veteran has endured, they will be looked after.

  1. Veteran Benefits

In addition to health benefits, a veteran will be acknowledged for their service through a benefits scheme that gibes them special perks to enjoy after living a life of service. This includes pension schemes such as disability compensations or personal aids, special training and education programmes, unique home loans, a long line of insurance packages and future employment support. These benefits aim to ensure that these veterans will still lead a good and successful life even after their services in the military have concluded.

  1. Memorial Benefits

No matter when a veteran may pass, they can rest assured that their life will be properly acknowledged even when they have passed. Through the work of the Department of Veterans Affairs, a veteran’s family will be reimbursed for the burial. In addition, they will be given access to being buried at a national cemetery with an inscribed headstone that honours their service. Along with this, each veteran that passes has an American flag that is draped over their casket to symbolize that the nation forever has for their sacrifices. More so than not, the memorial benefits also include monetary benefits that go to dependents.

These four ways of veteran acknowledgement are nowhere near enough to properly thank the servicemen of the United States of America. But it is a start to ensure they do not feel forgotten about and that they know their sacrifices matter. So whether it be a military patch, medical benefits, veteran benefits, memorial benefits or any other award or accolade that may come their way, America will never forget or leave behind their comrades who served to protect this country.

 Author: Jacob Maslow

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