Published On: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2018

4 Ways Facebook Has Impacted Culture

These Days Facebook is something that is a part of everyday vocabulary.  It’s not only become a standard way of communication but also a way of being able to share your life.  Once upon a time if you wanted to know how your friends were doing, you’d give them a phone call or send them an email.  Now with Facebook, all you have to do is type in their name and visit their page.  You are able to see everything that they’ve been up to and more.

Nowadays if someone doesn’t have Facebook it’s almost alarming.  Being one of the most heavily visited websites in the world, here are the ways that it has impacted modern culture.

Faster Spreading Of News/Stories

Before the days of social media news stories would take a few hours to hit the mainstream grapevine.  Now it’s a matter of minutes until finds out about the latest news simply by visiting their feed.  Whether it’s about newsworthy stories currently under investigation, or a natural disaster striking.

Not only is there a faster access to these stories, but the speed at which they are spread is unlike we’ve ever seen in history.  One click on Facebook and you are able to keep up with the world around you without even having to watch the news.

Relationship “Status”

Since Facebook emerged there is an entirely new world of dating at our fingertips.  It has become a big step in the progression of a relationship to register your union on Facebook.  When you show as being in a relationship, people know that it means “hands-off.”

As the saying goes, it’s not official until it’s Facebook official.  Taking your relationship to the next level usually includes this big step in modern culture.

Keeping Up With Professional Image

Facebook can be an incredibly controversial place when it comes to finding a balance between your professional image and who you are online.  Some people find that they need to create aliases in order to be able to post freely, otherwise they may run the risk of their job being in danger.

Many people have found themselves in the center of a professional frenzy when things that they’ve posted or been tagged in online don’t reflect the values of the company they work for.  Therefore, it’s more important than ever to keep things “office appropriate” on Facebook if you don’t want your job to be affected.

Selfie Culture

Once upon a time taking a photo of yourself may have felt bizarre.  Usually, you asked other people to take a photo of you rather than awkwardly stretching out your arms in front of you.  

Now with the popularity of social networking, taking a photo of yourself isn’t just normal, there’s even a term for it: the selfie!

Author: Anna Johansson

photo/ Pixabay

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