Published On: Thu, Mar 16th, 2017

4 Ways Becoming Sober Can Change Your Life

Most people will agree that alcohol is enjoyable.  It tastes good when mixed in a variety of different ways.  Not only is it an activity which is accepted as a social activity, it lowers a person’s inhibitions and is known for being a standard way to celebrate.

What many people don’t keep in mind when they develop a celebratory relationship with alcohol, however, is that it can start to lead to a multitude of problems.  What once began as a few fun glasses of cold bubbles, now has become entire bottles and terrible headaches the next morning.  

Making the decision to quit drinking alcohol certainly has its benefits.  Here are some of the benefits that stand out the most.

You Will Feel More Clear Headed

While alcohol can make you feel more relaxed, it can also lead to feeling disoriented and having trouble making decisions.  When someone makes the choice to abstain from alcohol they start to feel a sense of clear-headedness that was not present when drinking.

This clarity is something that can improve your productivity, health, and certainly protect you from being vulnerable in dangerous situations.  

photo “Tbone” by AB via wikimedia commons

You Won’t Regret Your Decisions

Many people know that all too familiar feeling of waking up the morning after and regretting your decisions or questioning your behavior.  This remorse behavior can begin to become a destructive pattern and starts to take away the fun of drinking at all.

When you aren’t drinking and putting yourself in positions that you could potentially regret you are eliminating a whole area of stress from your life.  Less stress equals more chill!  Who doesn’t want that?

You Won’t Have Hangovers

Drinking alcohol dehydrates the body and leads to what are known as hangovers.  That pounding head sensation, dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, and often accelerated heart rate.  Depending on your tolerance sometimes you don’t even have to be drunk to suffer a hangover.

Making the decision to quit drinking means you will never have to deal with that pounding headache again or running to the store for a Gatorade and an extra large bottle of ibuprofen.

Your mornings will be fresh and you will feel more alert and chipper.  Unlike the way your Sunday mornings used to be which consisted of the blinds being closed, staying in your pajamas all day, and feeling exhausted.

You Will Have Less Conflict

Many people agree that if alcohol were absent from their life they would have far less conflicts in their relationships.  Alcohol can impair judgment and create heightened sensitivity.

Therefore if you find yourself having a lot of conflict in your relationships it is worth examining how much of these conflicts occur when alcohol is being consumed.

Author: Anna Johansson

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