Published On: Wed, Apr 3rd, 2019

4 Tips for Scaling Your Subscription Business to Boost Your Revenue

Subscription businesses have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, reports Forbes. This proves that the subscription model fits well into the modern society. It also helps that starting this kind of business is rather easy. However, scaling it can be quite a challenge, which you must overcome if you want to increase your recurring revenue. In order to succeed with this, you will need to use specialized tools and manage your subscription business with utmost efficiency.

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How to Scale a Subscription Business and Succeed: 4 Essential Tips

1. Establish a way to maintain top-quality user experience

The worst thing you can do when scaling a subscription business is to rush and get a drop in the user experience quality because of it. Consistently excellent service is the main requirement for any subscription business, so it’s imperative that ensure it before you start expanding.

Scaling a subscription business model creates a lot of additional work, so you’ll need to automate a variety of processes to help relieve that workload. To provide a consistent UX, you should use a solution that will configure and send out customer emails and notifications. You also need to ensure that all failed credit cards get retired immediately and that subscription levels and free-trials are upgraded smoothly.

2. Find a suitable automated billing solution

One of the biggest challenges of scaling a subscription business is the increase in complexity of your bookkeeping. The financial side of this business model is hard to handle on the best of time, and with an increasing number of orders it can become overwhelming. To prevent this type of problems, you can use specialized solutions for subscription management. This kind of automated billing software will ensure all payments are processed and difference between earned revenue and deferred revenue is recognized properly.

This will help you keep track of your actual earned revenues and meet compliancy standards as well as avoid legal problems. Analyzing this data will additionally help you get some insight into how you can improve your current strategy.

3. Minimize human error

In order to be successful a subscription business must function smoothly and consistently. However, when you are scaling, your needs increase rapidly, so you have to ensure that your employees are ready for it. Human error can lose you up to 3% of your revenue or even more in case of some serious debacle.

One of the main areas for human error in a subscription business model is the actual subscription management and billing. It’s because this system is so flexible and allows the user to change their status and therefore payments quickly. Your accounting team will need to use a highly efficient automated subscription management solution to prevent human error at this level. It must control the change from the free trial status to full-subscription of a certain level and other types of subscription status changes. The changes must be automated and synched with your accounting software.

4. Plan for flexible demands

The purpose of scaling a subscription business is increasing your recurrent revenue. The very reason why this model is getting so popular today is the fact that it provides a more stable revenue as opposed to a single-sale business. However, no matter how good you are, there will be some fluctuations in subscriptions.

There may be reasons to change pricing, provide multiple plricing plans, packed your products in a different manner etc. Your subscription management should allow you the flexibility to manage such changes without undue stress on the accounting process.

You also need to offer some flexibility to your customers by using software that will enable them to manage their subscriptions easily. In the meantime, you should use proactive (notifications about impeding payments and relevant events) and reactive (notifications about failed or delayed payments) emails in order to keep the customers connected with their subscription.

This will also help you provide consistent customer experience regardless of the number of customers you have. Automated solutions can help you stay in touch with people, thus reducing the number of dropped subscriptions.

Experts say that soon all businesses will turn into subscription businesses. While this might be too bold a statement, it’s a fact that adopting this model today can give you an advantage. And in order to make the most of it, you need to be prepared to scale your business fast. Therefore, be sure to account for the aforementioned challenges and have plans in place so you can deal with them fast.

Author: Jane Koval

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