Published On: Fri, Mar 16th, 2018

4 Tips For A Good Workout

Many people find themselves buying a gym membership and have big expectations of their bodies transforming.  They see themselves with toned bodies, reaching their fitness goals in just a few months.

In most cases, however,  they find themselves on the elliptical machine months down the road wondering where their six-pack is.  They go to the gym a few times a week and bought all the workout clothes and started eating kale so where is that six pack?

The secret to meeting your fitness goals isn’t in simply joining the gym, however.  In order to get the results that you want, you have to execute a workout routine that is effective.  As much as many people would like to believe that getting on the treadmill a few times a week while they scroll the latest fitspo hashtags on their phones is enough, it often isn’t.

To be able to get in a good and effective workout you should make sure that your workout routine includes the following.

photo/ Steve Buissinne

Always Stretch

Many first-time gym-goers make the mistake of hopping straight into their workout without properly warming up their bodies.  When you fail to properly stretch before starting an exercise routine then you put yourself at risk of suffering an injury.

Your muscles need to be warmed up in order to work at full capacity.  Trying to work a muscle when it isn’t properly prepared is asking for an injury.  

Always try to do some sort of static stretching or active stretching before any sort of workout.

Your Heart Rate Should Be Up

If you get on the workout machine and can talk at a relaxed pace then you aren’t working hard enough.  Your heart should be racing and it should be difficult to speak. This is when you know that you are getting in a good sweat.

Some people opt to buy a heart rate monitor in order to ensure that they’re at a fat burning heart rate.  This way you know that your hard work wasn’t in vain!


When you start working out you need to have the right tools beyond just work out clothes and good shoes.  It’s essential to hydrate during your exercise.  Having water on hand will ensure that you don’t get dehydrated as you sweat.

You’ll be able to feel your energy sustain for a longer amount of time and will have a better recovery.

30 Minutes Minimum

If you aren’t getting in at least 30 minutes of a workout then you’re not getting enough exercise.  Anything under this is a nice effort but won’t show much results overall. Aim for 30 minutes of a workout at least 3 times a week and you’ll be happy that you did.

Author: Anna Johansson

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