Published On: Thu, Feb 1st, 2018

4 Tips for a Better Lawn

If you have a home with a yard, then you know that a lot of the visual appeal of your residence comes from how well you take care of the grass outside. If you drive through a neighborhood, you get a very different impression of people depending on whether they have a well-manicured lawn or one that seems to be neglected.

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So, if you want to be one of those people with a better-looking plot of land, there are a few tips that you can follow for a better lawn. Having a company do aeration every once in a while is not a bad idea. Make sure you handle your landscaping details for a good presentation. Note the right amount of water that you should use on your lawn. And be sure to let grass grow to a height that makes sense nutritionally and aesthetically.

Aeration for Creation

When you have your lawn aerated, you’re doing many beneficial things. Aeration breaks up clumps of lawn that you may have, opens up patches for roots to regrow naturally, allows fertilizer and water to get further in toward the soil bed, and allows a greater surface area for seeds to grow from. If you’re serious about having a better lawn on a large scale, then going for an aeration makeover should be one of the first steps that you should take to make a large difference quickly.

Landscaping Details for Presentation

If you have 90% of your lawn looking good, but the last 10% looks ragged, then it ruins the whole presentation of your yard. In fact, it’s not necessarily a bad idea to take care of details first! In other words, before you start doing any major things, consider trimming and edging your lawn all around the edges. This is usually a fairly simple process, and it makes everything look better immediately with minimal cost and effort.

Knowing the Right Amount of Water To Use

If you overwater or underwater your lawn, trouble will ensue. You can end up with wet, muddy, yellow patches of grass. Or you can end up with large swaths of brown, dead clippings that make you look like you don’t care. Every type of grass has a range of acceptable moisture requirements. Learn that range, and then use it.

Letting It Grow

There are specific people who want to always mow the grass down within a 1/4 inch of the dirt. This doesn’t look good. And, it’s not good for the grass or the environment. Ideally, you want to let your grass grow as long as possible, and then trim where it looks good. Different types of grasses have an ideal length at different amounts, but generally, a good bet is to mow your lawn at the highest setting possible. This only looks bad if you neglect it for weeks afterward. But if you regularly mow at tall settings, that’s the best.

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  1. Ervin says:

    Good Tips to learn. These tips for creating a better lawn are useful and can be implemented by homeowners to create a better lawn. Thanks again for the informative article.

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