Published On: Fri, Oct 12th, 2018

4 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Bathrobe

Most people either don’t own a bathrobe or have never put much thought into buying bathrobes. However, bathrobes can be a wonderful crossroad between functionality and luxury in your household if purchased correctly.

For the uninitiated, all bathrobes seem about the same. If you don’t know your terrycloth from your waffle weave, don’t worry because this article will give you four essential aspects to consider before you invest in a nice bathrobe. Whether you’re looking for a cozy but functional robe or an elegant robe worthy of a spa, we’ve put together all the necessary research, so you can confidently make your choice and fully enjoy your bathrobe.

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  1. Finding the right fabric

Not all bathrobes are made equal, and the most important factor when choosing a robe is to choose high-quality fabrics that will last for a while and provide maximum comfort.

The most common fabrics you will find will be terrycloth and waffle weave. Terrycloth is heavier and will be warmer during the winter. Waffle weave is often used in spas, due to its soft and lightweight feeling. If you live in a warm climate, you might gravitate towards a silk or satin robe. If the robe is described as microfiber or Egyptian cotton, it will also be good quality.

  1. Find a color scheme

If your bathroom towels match the walls and the shower curtains, your bathrobes should match too!

Most people prefer to stick with neutral colors for their bathrobes. White is a universal classic and easy to clean with bleach if they get dirty. You might prefer to avoid this entirely and stick with an elegant charcoal grey or navy blue.

For some more fun, look at the endless variety in patterns and colors available. Maybe a businessperson would appreciate a pinstripe terrycloth bathrobe. For a stylish ladies’ look, choose a soft pastel- lavender, for example, or a delicate sky blue. The color of your bathrobe can impact how comfortable you feel in it.

  1. Find your style

Bathrobe styles are surprisingly diverse- there are all sorts of cuts and lengths. The most basic is known as the kimono style– the familiar knee-length, tie in front robe commonly found in shops and spas alike.

If that shape doesn’t flatter or inspire you, don’t fret because there are endless other styles. Some styles reach to the ankles with a zip instead of a tie. Others, especially in silk robes, barely skim the thighs and are cut low. Some have hoods; others don’t. You can also buy multiple styles for different seasons.

  1. Customize it

People love to have exclusive or unique items, and customizing a bathrobe is a cute way to add an element of luxury to your basic bathrobe. Most tailors will provide this service, or you could always look online for customization websites. A word of caution: most bathrobes sold by customization websites might be poor quality, so buy the robe first and then alter it.

Get creative with your bathrobe- alterations don’t have to be expensive. Try embossing your name on the shoulder, or having your favorite flower embroidered on the back. Some people go further and have sports team inspired bathrobes! The design options are endless and offer a lot of gift potential for someone special in your life.

Bathrobes are an easy way to add a bit of luxury into your bathroom routine but are often overlooked. Hopefully, this article left you inspired to invest in a nice bathrobe that suits you and your needs- there is something for everyone out there.

Author: Himanshu Agarwal

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