Published On: Fri, Jul 7th, 2017

4 Reasons You Should Cut Back On Your Phone Addiction

With the recent development of phone technology, we can pretty much depend on our phones for anything we want.  From being able to check your email to video conferences with people all around the world, your phone has limitless applications which make life easier.

However, along with this extra convenience and multitude of handy apps which make getting things done much easier and faster also comes a risk of constantly having your phone in hand.

Cell phone addiction is a real thing and can start to affect our lives when we can’t seem to put the phone down even when we know we should.  Many people just laugh it off, however, if you really think that you might be addicted, you may want to take action sooner than later.  

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Here are 4 good reasons that you should start cutting back now.

Your Eyes Will Thank You For It

Our eyes were not made to look at screens all day.  Between the tiny text and the bright light, it can start to take its toll on our eyes looking at our phones for hours and hours a day.  Taking care of your eyes is something that you should do actively – particularly if you already have vision issues.

Try to limit your screen time gradually and cut back your overall usage.  You will find that if you make efforts to decrease the amount of time that your eyes are exposed to your phone, you will feel less strain and will be able to sleep easier without so much stimulation.

You Will Be More Productive

Imagine how much more productive you would be if you used your phone less playing Candy Crush and scrolling Instagram.  You may just be able to clean out your closet finally or read that 600-page book that’s been gathering dust since 4 birthdays ago.

Some people download specific applications which track their screen time and set limits for how long they can spend on their phones before receiving an alert. If you think that something like this might help you curb your addiction, then give it a try.

Your Relationships Will Grow

How many times can you recall that you have been sitting with a friend or family member and have both been on your phone, not being present for each other?  It can be easy to stare at our phones instead of having quality conversation with people who are physically in front of us rather than digitally.   

Putting down your phone when spending time with people you love is a great way to make your relationships grow.

You Will Be More Clear Headed

As you spend less time with constant stimulation and images and beeps you will find that your mind is more relaxed.  Try spending less time on your phone for one day and read a book instead. You may find that you have much more overall clarity.

Author: Anna Johansson

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