Published On: Thu, Jan 30th, 2020

4 Reasons You Need a Mobile App for Your Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce businesses are booming and how! Today, several people are turning to the internet to fulfill their buying needs. The internet has become a full-fledged online store that people can use to buy everything they need. From groceries to clothing items, booking travel tickets, purchasing entertainment tickets, and whatnot, the internet has it all.

The power of the internet has allowed people to have everything at the tip of their fingers. Today, brands can reach any corner of the world to tap into new customers, all thanks to the internet. Brands can reach their customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The success looks guaranteed, but the kind of devices brands are targeting can have a major impact on their sales turnover.

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So, if you, as a brand wants to reach the maximum number of customers, you inevitably need a robust ecommerce platform. Here are the reasons why you need an ecommerce mobile app in 2020:

  1.     Mobile ecommerce is the new trend

Sales generating from mobile phones have exceeded far more than desktop ones. The majority of the customers today use mobile to buy stuff. Statistics state that nearly 67 percent of sales a company gets is through smartphones.

In the coming two years, mobile commerce is expected to generate more than 70 percent of sales worldwide. Since consumers are buying from any corner of the world, mobile becomes especially useful and convenient to them. They order food, call for transport, purchase clothes, and several such things online.

Around 78 percent of consumers would rather buy a proper ecommerce store than a mobile website.

In short, mobile sales are dominating the ecommerce word. Hence, it is absolutely necessary for brands to have mobile-friendly sites and stellar apps to engage users.

  1.     Enjoy higher conversion

At the end of the day, the success of any business is marked by the profits it churns. A great way to start doing the math is by tracking conversions.

Researches state that consumers view about 286 percent more products when they are shopping via an app.

Consequently, they add items to their cart at an 85 percent higher rate whenever they are on an app. This is great because user engagement is directly proportionate to higher sales. 

Mobile apps tend to convert 130 percent more sales compared to mobile websites. Just imagine, the amount of money you’d be able to make by increasing your conversion rates to this degree!  

  1.     Create a personalized experience for online shoppers

      In 2020, personalization will become a vital component of any successful ecommerce project. In fact, there are several companies which are already using the benefits of personalization to increase their sales.

What exactly is personalization?

Take this for instance – every time a customer signs up to receive emails and newsletters from your business, you get the opportunity to segment them into categories based on age, gender, location, profession, etc. After this segmentation, you can send related emails to the customers to enhance your business.


Personalization also involves personalizing your homepage based on the user’s location. For instance, if you are a clothing brand, then a shopper from New York might look for coats in December, but a shopper form Miami might look for swimsuits.

Using an app, you can personalize your ecommerce business to a great extent. For example, an app can allow you to track your user’s browsing and purchasing history so that you can offer then personalized recommendations.

Research states that about 63 percent of consumers want a personalized experience every time they are shopping online.

  1.     Increase customer loyalty with ecommerce apps

One of the best ways to retain and rope in new customers is by launching effective customer loyalty programs. An ecommerce mobile app ultimately increases the chances of your customers participating in this kind of program.

The purpose of loyalty programs is to give your customers an incentive to spend more money to get more rewards. You can set up your loyalty program on the basis of transactions. You can do something like this – if a customer orders something from the app more than 4 times, they can get a discount of the 5th item.

Another way to create such a program is by rewarding a customer based on how much they spend in a set time frame. So customers who spend more than $500 in a year can get a special reward or bonus. And a customer who spends over $1000 can get even larger rewards.

This strategy encourages people to increase their average order value and the frequency of their regular spending cycles.

Psychologically, loyalty programs are a great way to have user engagement and increase sales on your website.


What your ecommerce store needs is a mobile app. Get an app and the numbers will speak for themselves!

Author: Ryan Holman


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