Published On: Wed, Nov 21st, 2018

4 Reasons To Utilize Agencies When Job Searching

How to Get Hired in Your Field

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The Hunt 

Entering into the job search pool can be a lot like entering a gladiator ring. You essentially have to outwit all of the other players while the employers watch and cheer for their selected players. Like a gladiator ring, if you’re armed with the right weapons, you’ll have a better outcome than those who only enter the ring with their bare fists. One of these weapons you can utilize is a staffing agency. This article will discuss four reasons why a staffing agency can help you land that job or something even better. 

1. Experience 

Frankly put, staffing agencies know their job. Finding clients and hooking them up with corporations or businesses is just what they do. They’ve made an entire career out of it. Whether this is your first time in the job pool or not, your experience is always going to be lesser than that of a staffing agency. As such, they can use that experience to find the skills and knowledge that you possess and use that to effectively find an open position somewhere that they think you’d not only do well in but that the employer will be more likely to take you into their fold. Because that success is critical to their own business, you can be sure that the staffing agency is going to take your desire to find a job and career seriously and do what they can to make that happen. 

2. Connections 

This is especially true of agencies that have been around for a long period of time. They’ve formed relationships with a lot of the top-leading corporations and businesses. As such, not only do they know what those top officials are looking for in their employees, but they also have a personal or close relationship with them. That means they’re often open to perks that they can let you in on. Because they understand the client, that means they know what questions will be asked during the interviews, and they can prepare you to answer those questions in a way that will impress the prospective employer. 

3. Classified Openings 

Sometimes employers don’t post available positions publicly. Instead, they prefer to canvass a few people who are looking for another job until they find the one they believe is perfect for that classified position. An example of this can be seen in engineering, where employers use an agency to staff engineers, instead of posting the job on various job boards for their engineering company. The staffing agency is likely going to be in on this and can help groom you for that interview. Who knows, you may be attempting one job, and actually, end up landing something even greater. 

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4. Preparation 

Finally, even if you don’t end up landing that job in particular, staffing agencies can receive detailed information as to the why. Equipped with this knowledge, you can prepare yourself and your resume better for the next round of interviews. By knowing why you were overlooked, you can work on that, and make sure that it doesn’t happen again. This is knowledge only an agency can provide you.

Author: Chad Brown
Bio – Mr. Brown has worked in the new home construction marketplace for over 30 years both as a contractor and project manager.

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