Published On: Thu, Jan 11th, 2018

4 Personal Injury Falsehoods Everyone Should Ignore

An accident of any nature is an unfortunate event and personal injuries take numerous forms. Notwithstanding, one aspect that stands out is that the negligent person must make an effort to show remorse. Further still, the law provides remedies to victims and their next of kin owing to the seriousness involved. Sadly, these lawsuits and the experts behind them are not without misrepresentation.

Some people accuse attorneys of being ambulance chasers. They allege that personal injury lawyers take advantage of another person’s suffering and try to benefit from them. Many of the allegations you will hear about personal injury lawyers are false.

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Below are some of the falsehoods about these attorneys and their branch of law:

The cases drag on for long

Some people allege that personal injury suits take a long time to determine. The allegation is incorrect because some cases involving injury to persons do not even get to court. The accused parties may not wish to have their reputation dragged to court and they instead opt for out-of-court settlements. In the end, the injured person gets paid a package that helps pay for treatment and provide future sustenance. The insurance company gets to build and enhance its public image.

You do not need a lawyer for minor injuries

The statement is false. Minor injuries require examination by a doctor, and you must pay for the treatment. Handling of small cases involves skill from an experienced lawyer. In many cases, insurance firms avoid paying or offer low amounts for such injuries. You may end up with insufficient funds to meet medical bills. With assistance from an attorney, you get fair compensation.

If you have medical insurance, you do not need an attorney

Never let anyone mislead you. Having a medical cover does not negate the need for a lawyer. Your coverage may get exhausted while trying to pay for serious injuries. Besides, a lawyer’s objective is to see that their client gets adequate settlement commensurate with the bodily harm. In their quest for profit, medical insurance providers can give you less coverage than the injury.

You can lodge your claim later

Waiting until you can go to court could put your settlement in jeopardy. The branch of law under personal injury places a time frame for you to bring a suit against the offender. In legal terms, this time limit is known as the statute of limitations. The time starts from when you get injured or when you first find out that you got harmed. Elderly persons may not realize that they are hurt at the same time as it takes a young person.

No injured person would wish to wait for a long time before their claim is settled. No matter the size or nature of the injury, you need an attorney’s help to pursue compensation. Medical insurance alone is insufficient to cater for serious injury. Professionals like the Gordon Law Group can assist you in determining whether it is appropriate to bring up a suit against a negligent party.

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