Published On: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2018

4 Perks To Living In an Apartment Over a House

Although for many people, one of the biggest long-term goals is buying a house for themselves, it isn’t always what it’s chalked up to be.  There are a lot of responsibilities that come along with owning your own property and plenty of perks to living in an apartment.

Whether you’ve been considering buying a house or are in the process of waiting until a better time to buy one, here are some of the things to appreciate in the moment, while living in an apartment.

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Less Maintenance

Keeping up with a large house requires doing a lot of maintenance. Whether it’s keeping up with landscaping a big backyard or keeping up with repair and replacement costs, the work costs can pile up quickly.   

Unlike an apartment that you rent, a house doesn’t have a landlord that you can call when things start to go wrong.

Apartment living is convenient when it comes to things breaking or needing to be replaced.  Since all of that is covered in your rent all you have to do is pick up the phone and call your property manager.  This can greatly reduce your stress when it comes to your living arrangement.  The pay off for not owning your space is met with the convenience of not having to be responsible for keeping up with it.

Less Cleaning

When you live in a bigger space there is more surface to clean up.

Living in a big house may seem glamorous, however, don’t forget it also means double the work and double the cleaning.

Since apartments are generally a smaller square footage, there is less to clean up and fewer duties to do on a daily basis.

In many apartment complexes, there are professionals who come and clean the common areas. This is quite the extra perk since this is an entire area that you don’t even have to worry about.


Renting an apartment often means that you get to use the amenities located in the common areas.  Often these amenities include a gym to work out in, a swimming pool for lounging alongside and taking dives in on hot days, and even includes activity rooms full of games like ping pong or pool.

If you were to have your own pool in a house that you own yourself, you would have to clean it yourself.  As opposed to an apartment, where you are able to simply show up, swim, and just leave. This lack of responsibility can be quite the luxury.

Community Setting

There is a certain comfort being able to live in a community setting in an apartment complex.

Knowing that you have neighbors nearby at any time is a comforting feeling which makes people feel safer. If you are interested in moving to Texas, check first the average rent in Fort Worth, Texas to help prepare a budget.

Living in a house can make you more separate from your neighbors as opposed to the closeness that you feel in an apartment.

Author: Anna Johansson

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