Published On: Wed, Mar 13th, 2019

4 Off The Beaten Track Locations You Should Visit In Vietnam

Vietnam has so much to offer, with its lush green rice paddies, ancient temples, bustling cities and delicious cuisine. However, the Asian country has a less-travelled, unusual side as can be seen from the suggested locations below.

  1. Ho Thuy Tien Water Park

Ho Thuy Tien Water Park opened in 2004, before it was even fully completed. This turned out to be a mistake, as it didn’t pull in the money developers expected. However, now the water park lies in ruins with an apocalyptic feel and look about it, it has become more of a tourist attraction than ever before.

Photo by Neville Wootton

When it first opened, people were fascinated by the park’s signature, three-story dragon aquarium, located in the center of a lake. Exploring the aquarium introduced visitors to sharks, crocodiles, manta rays and many species of fish. For a while after it closed, crocodiles were still a major attraction, as they took over the abandoned water park. Apparently they are now gone, in case readers are worried.

The park is located 6 mi (10 km) outside of the town and is not easy to get to. You need to ask locals to give you directions. However, on arrival you may be surprised to see a “guard” sitting at the gate, collecting admission fees, i.e. a tip. There is often also a refreshment cart on site in the abandoned water park among the fascinating, crumbling remains.


  1. Visit the National Parks

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities and head out into the lush, green, scenic countryside of Vietnam. There are a number of National Parks in Vietnam,” including Ninh Binh. This park is ideal for bird lovers, as their feathered friends gather around a pretty lake and flock to the rock formations close by. Experience sailing in a Sampan to gaze at ducks with their ducklings trailing behind them, bright pink water lilies and fishermen busy with the catch of the day.

Among the limestone rocks surrounding the area are many caves. One of these contains the iconic Bich Dong Pagoda, built into the rock.

  1. Train Street in Hanoi

Hanoi is a great city to visit, with its modern skyscrapers and older, traditional buildings and temples. However, there is one street which is a must-visit.

Between approximately 3 PM and 7 PM each day, people rush to take in their laundry and bicycles and ensure their children are safely indoors. This is due to the train which comes hurtling through the street in the Old Quarter of the city, in some places only inches away from the homes. Anyone out in the streets heads into the closest doorway until the train has passed. They immediately head back to doing whatever they were doing before the train went by.

The street is taken up almost entirely by the railway track and has gained the name “Train Street” after visitors to the city came to see the unusual sight. The train is heading to Ho Chi Minh city from Hanoi and the street is located between Kham Tien and Le Duan streets.

  1. Am Phu (Hell) Cave

This fascinating cave is located in the Marble Mountains just outside Da Nang. The Am Phu cave system takes visitors on a journey through the Buddhist version of heaven and hell.  Here we explore the iconic and huge hell cave, deep inside the mountain. The cave is lined with devil-like sculptures and altars, created by local artists and lit by red lights for effect. There is a surprise lurking for you around each corner and incense wafts through the air.

This is no easy walk as the stairways through the cave are often steep and twisting. However, once you reach the end you are rewarded with a spectacular view. Now it’s time to return through the same scary tunnels to get back to the open air.

Have fun on your visit to Vietnam, while exploring out of the way places and attractions. These give you more insight into the every day and traditional life of the Vietnamese people.

Author: Anne Sewell

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