Published On: Thu, Aug 23rd, 2018

4 Mistakes that Will Bury Your Website: And How to Avoid Them!

Everyone needs a strong online presence. In the modern business world, no company, or individual, can expect to achieve sustained success without a healthy, viable website supporting their efforts. Indeed, a professional website isn’t just a medium to “get the word out” for your personal brand or your company’s product. Rather, a well-maintained website can act as a conduit for any number of functions, from an ecommerce store to an informational resource. Still, while websites play a diverse array of roles, there are certain measures all professionals need to take when creating their websites. Otherwise, you could risk making one of these four mistakes and dooming your site to internet obscurity.

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Chasing Trends

For whatever reason, there seems to be a stigma around the act of adopting a niche. However, establishing yourself as an authority in a field through a blog on your site isn’t a bad thing –– far from it. Figuring out which topics resonate with your readership is essential to running a website that gets consistent traffic. It doesn’t matter if you write content about vintage clothing or lab equipment. The point is, someone is out there right now searching for information you can provide. So don’t be afraid to write a blog about fashion trends from 1977 or a review of a sodium oxalate tube. No, these blogs might not have “mainstream” appeal, but trying to cover every pop culture topic will leave you stretched thin and your readers confused at the scattershot nature of your website.

Failure to Prepare

If you want your website to go live tomorrow, you need to have started working on it months ago. Not only is it critical to ensure that all your pages are functional, load properly, and redirect as you desire, but you also need to create a domain name in advance of your launch date. It’s nearly impossible to rank high on Google or other search engines until about two or so months have passed since an initial domain-name registration.

Bland Social-Media Promotion

Is it a good idea to promote your website on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Yes. Does a sound social-media promotion strategy require a lot of work? Also yes. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t get anywhere simply using social media as a dumping ground for your old pieces of content. Instead, use social media as it was intended –– to socialize with clients, customers, partners, and other business associates. Failing to actually engage with people on social media will leave your website on the backburner.

Improper SEO Implementation

Unfortunately, many people like to style themselves as unofficial SEO “experts.” The truth is though, you could end up doing your site more harm than good if you make errors in your SEO implementation. Keyword stuffing, using broken links, failing to write meta descriptions, and/or utilizing black-hat SEO methodology will all have an adverse effect on your site’s visibility. So if you’re hell-bent on improving your site’s presence online –– save yourself the trouble and hire an actual SEO expert.

Author: Chans Weber

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