Published On: Wed, Mar 21st, 2018

4 Key Elements You Need to Create a Convenient Kitchen Area

Whether you have a large kitchen with an island complete with an additional sink or a tiny kitchen that has barely enough room to chop vegetables, your cooking space can still be very convenient. All home chefs need a place to store their pots and pans, a dedicated area for food preparation, and various appliances so that they can bake, sauté, and flambé to their heart’s content.

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1. Ample Cooking Surfaces

If you have a very small kitchen that has a two-burner range and no stove, you aren’t going to be able to cook many different elements at the same time. Don’t fret – it’s still possible for you to whip up a seven-course meal even in the tiniest kitchen if you are clever about obtaining additional cooking surfaces. A hot plate can be used to heat up sauces or boil water, and it doesn’t use up too much room. Electric skillets are perfect for sautéing and frying, so if your two existing burners are occupied, you can still cook additional food items simultaneously.  

2. Generous Food Preparation Areas

In order to create delicious meals, you have to be able to prepare and combine various elements. This means that you’ll be chopping, dicing, slicing, mincing, and pulverising meat, vegetables, and herbs on a flat countertop surface. If your counters are limited in size, just get a freestanding butchers block. If you get one that has wheels, you can even move it around the kitchen to give you more kitchen space when it isn’t being used. Alternatively, you can extend your counters by using hinges to attach a butcher block or chopping board.

3. Organised Kitchen Utensil Spaces

Do you have to scratch your head and think for a minute every time you go to grab your wooden spoons? What about your plastic spatulas? If your kitchen utensils aren’t stored out in the open, in an area where they can easily be accessed, you will never have a convenient kitchen setup. There are lots of options for kitchen utensil storage that will help you to save space if you have a smaller countertop area. On the flipside, if you have a large kitchen, you want to ensure that your utensils are stored closest to your cooking surfaces. It would be very inconvenient for you to go to the pantry on the other side of the kitchen every time you needed a whisk or mixing spoon.

4. Good Working Appliances

Seriously, it isn’t realistic to think you will ever have a convenient kitchen area if your stove is on the fritz or your oven won’t stay hot. You need to address any major kitchen appliance issues you’re having before even attempting to reorganise your kitchen space. Get that dishwasher to stop leaking water so it can run while you are cooking up a meal instead of reaching for the mop.

The best way to approach this is with a lot of initial research – of course you want everything fixed as quickly as possible, but if you employ the wrong person to do the repairs you could find yourself way out of pocket or with a shoddy job. One thing you should take advantage of is free guarantees with your repairs, for example, the appliance repair experts from serviceforce.co.uk offer a 12 month guarantee on any of the parts they replace. This is useful when investing in a repair, because it ensures you that if the problem continues after the repair, you won’t have to dish out any extra cash to get it fixed further.

Even if your kitchen is well decorated, it won’t feel like a place you want to cook up a storm unless every convenience is at your fingertips. The more that you cook in your kitchen, the faster meal preparation is going to go in the future. Feel comfortable making up new recipes and trying new foods with a kitchen that’s made for cooking.

Author: Zoe Price

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