Published On: Sun, May 27th, 2018

4 Instances Where You May Need Criminal Defense

You probably don’t ever want to defend yourself in a criminal case. But there are situations where you may have gone contrary to the law but not intended to. In those cases especially, needing a criminal defense may be extremely high on your priority list to make sure that a proper resolution is at the end of your situation.

There may be instances where you have drug charges against you, where you’ve been accused of sex crimes, if there’s a car accident that was not your fault, but someone is blaming you for, or if you were involved in some kind of malpractice that happened because of accidental means. Criminal charges can result from each of those situations, but you may not deserve to be penalized.

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Drug Charges

Federal and state drug laws are in conflict right now. So, for example, if a recreational marijuana user gets caught in some sort of national sting operation, even though they weren’t breaking any state laws, they could be prosecuted for federal crimes. In this case, you need to have a reliable criminal defense lawyer work with you to make sure you don’t end up going to prison for doing something that is within your rights to do in your state.

Sex Crimes

If you get charged with a sex crime, it can be on your permanent record and affect the rest of your life. However, not all sex crimes are equal, and some of them get charged in situations that are far overboard from the actual act being committed. Some people are entrapped into sex crime stings, and in those cases, contacting a sex crimes lawyer may be the only way you can make sure not to have a permanent record that will seriously affect your standard of living from then on out.

No-Fault Car Accidents

If you get in a car accident where no one is an observer, and the person in the other vehicle lies about what happened, you can be potentially charged with criminal activity. And you don’t have any way of defending yourself beyond hearsay. In that case, you need the best criminal defense that you can to pull out all the details to absolve yourself of fault.

Malpractice From Accidental Means

If you have any sort of medical practice, you may end up at the wrong side of a malpractice suit. Especially if the malpractice was not your fault, but rather happened as some sort of accident earlier in the supply chain of equipment and techniques, you may not deserve to get sued. But to make that absolutely clear, you need to work with lawyers to ensure that all of the details of the criminal charges are handled in a way that makes the most sense to you as a person, your company, and the person who was potentially injured.

Author: Anna Johansson

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