Published On: Thu, Jul 20th, 2017

4 Important Ways That Event Staff Support Your Engagement Marketing Efforts

Engagement marketing is an approach that continues to gain in popularity. Known by many other names including experiential marketing, the point of this strategy is to establish and strengthen the ties between the consumer and the service or product provider. This approach to marketing can be effective at many different types of events like product release parties, trade shows, conferences, and round table discussions. If you are planning this type of event and want to built ties with consumers, it makes sense to hire event staff who can help. Here are four ways they will make a difference.

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Welcoming the Guests

While you plan on making some type of general welcome at the beginning of the event, some of the event staff team can focus on more personalized greetings for people as they arrive. This provides the opportunity to ensure every attendee gets settled in, has any printed literature you are supplying, and has the chance to be introduced to someone else who will be attending. Those efforts set the stage for making everyone feel like a part of what is happening.

Collecting Information

While circulating among the guests, the event staff are bound to hear comments that need to be passed on to your sales team. Those comments can be speculations about how well a certain product would do with resolving a specific issue, questions about the history of the company, or possibly something a guest heard that happens to not be true. Passing that data along to those who will be leading discussions or managing the presentations is helpful for everyone. Without naming any names, it’s possible to address those questions and concerns and ensure those is attendance have the answers they seek.

Participating in the Presentations

It’s also possible to utilize event staff as a way to get conversations going as the presentations progress. For example, the staff can be supplied with some specific questions to ask when the time is right. There may be guests who hesitate to be the first one with a question. By having someone who breaks the ice with a pre-planned question or two, it won’t be long before everyone relaxes and feels free to ask and comment as they like.

Helping Guests With Seating, Printed Matter, and Other Basics

The event staff can handle many of the tasks associated with making sure the attendees have what they need to make the most of the event. That includes helping them find seating, making sure they have copies of any printed materials you will be referring to, and passing out any branded items they will be using like pens and note pads. This provides another opportunity to engage people in conversation and let them know that their presence at the event is greatly appreciated.

When choosing an event staffing agency, always go with one that has a lot of experience with the type of event you are planning. The team has the experience and the knowledge to help you avoid event staff hiring mistakes and create a team that is just right. Once you see how much those event professionals add to your success, you’ll never have another event without their help.

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