Published On: Wed, Apr 8th, 2020

4 Benefits of Organic CBD over Non-Organic Alternatives

The interest in CBD and beneficial hemp plants is growing in the public consciousness. As people realize how useful hemp and CBD are for easing pain and providing a natural solution, it becomes useful to look into this type of product yourself. 

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When learning more about CBD hemp, the question of whether organic hemp with a CBD concentration offers greater value or benefit comes up. In this article, we confirm what benefits are derived from choosing organic over non-organic choices. 


  • Avoids the Damaging Use of Chemicals


When growing hemp plants, chemicals are sprayed on the crops to avoid pests and other associated problems. 

However, this is detrimental to the crops because it kills off everything healthy in the soil other than the plant itself. Microbes that act as natural soil biofertilizers are lost in the process. This ends up stripping the nutrients present in the soil with each subsequent hemp plant crop becoming lower quality as a result.


  • Organic Certification Requires Adherence to Stricter Standards


From a buyer’s perspective, the need for growers to have their crops and end product meet a stringent certification level proves to be a net positive. When using quality soil with nutrients that get absorbed into the plant, it ensures that toxins don’t enter the growth phase. 

The testing regime by the FDA also acts as a strong incentive for producers to nurture their crops and not take short cuts for quick profits. 


  • Better Soil, Cleaner Oceans


The pollutants that reach our vast oceans and end up on beaches around the world are affected by farming. Why is this? Because what farmers put into the soil eventually filters down to the oceans. 

With organic hemp plants that don’t rely on harmful fertilizers to speed up growth and damaging pesticides, the biodiversity that’s so important to mammals, fish and the human food supply chain is better protected. It also encourages microbial growth within the oceans to keep them healthier.


  • Safe, Uplifting Effects from Organic Hemp Leaf


With a hemp strain that has a high CBD content but stays below the legal 0.3% THC level to prevent it creating a euphoric effect, people who use the leaf enjoy safe, uplifting results. 

When looking for high-quality organic CBD drugs, such as those from Organiccbdnugs, buyers can be sure of safe, legal use. Quality organic producers trim the buds by hand and don’t use synthetic elements, to keep their hemp leaf as pure as possible. Additionally, they’ll also test its purity to ensure FDA compliance and that it meets the standard that consumers expect. 

Not going down the organic route, the consumer never really knows for sure what they’re receiving. When smoking the leaf, that’s not reassuring at all. Especially given that there’s a need to ensure the THC level is below 0.30% to prevent intoxicating effects and to be legal in 50 states at present, too. It pays to confirm the quality and the best way to do so is through the organic choice because it adds better controls in a rapidly growing market that may otherwise not have enough of them.


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