Published On: Wed, Mar 14th, 2018

3 Winning Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Examples

Once you aim for an administrative assistant job, you know that you will become the guardian of most of the office duties. This job involves at least structured thinking, communication and computer skills even for an entry level. If you already have experience, you should adjust it to the company you target.

Many send applications for the same position. So, you will need to stand out and let your file cover first impression. A resume will look complete next to an administrative assistant cover letter. The cover letter humanizes your file and provides recruiters with additional information about you. It almost stands for a pre-interview. You can make sure the cover letter earns you a spot on the interview shortlist by choosing to develop one from the below samples.

High Experience on Similar Positions

A cover letter for those experienced in administrative assistant jobs or similar positions needs to emphasize this aspect from the beginning. The language is sober, and the first paragraphs include information that supports your experience statement. This is a medium-sized cover letter that sums up the information recruiters might be interested in. By consulting an administrative assistant cover letter template you also cover the technical paragraphing and well-balanced sentence structures. What else does this example include?

    • Emphasize your experience by mention it from the beginning, together with years of work.
    • Describe yourself based on the traits that fit your employer’s values and approach towards clients.
    • Don’t forget to outline special software skills, as they will be mandatory in your job.
    • Make sure to mention how employees can easily track your contact details. This way, you also show that you are client-oriented and helpful.  

One-Job Experience

If you currently work as an administrative assistant, but you lack prior experience, you can focus on being a professional. A business language can provide employers with your communication skills. You may stand out by focusing on your qualifications and their match to the recruiter. Such a cover letter details your work while providing additional information about what aspects you currently cover. Gain more credibility by mentioning your current company and a summary of your job description.

  • If you include where you’ve seen the job ad, you also provide recruiters with an awareness feedback. Also, this confirms your research and that you have read the entire job post.
  • Even if you only have one job experience, you can provide details on the business environment and extract some qualifications out of it. Some can be team work, fast responses, multitasking or crisis management.
  • Remember that your job covers tasks from answering phones to complying monthly reports. Mention each of them at least to cover everything that’s in between.
  • Include additional qualifications that recruiters may not be aware of from what you outline. This separate paragraph lets your smoothly pass to why they should hire you.

Unexperienced Creativity

Lack of experience in the field doesn’t mean that you can’t get a job as an administrative assistant. It’s all about selling yourself wisely, so you can emphasize your skills. If there are duties that match the job description of an administrative assistant, then they should be in your cover letter. Think about the projects your bosses praised you for and see why you’ve earned your merit. One starting from there, you can outline a few possible work scenarios.

  • By adopting a playful language, you will advertise yourself while focusing on why recruiters might need you.
  • If your computer skills don’t specifically match all the necessary ones, you can include a general outline of what type of software you have used in the past.
  • Remember that your manager, clients and business partners make a team. Therefore, find a sentence that includes the fact that you can successfully work with different duties.
  • Do you have a special skill that they require? Include it in the below section of the cover letter and mention that they might hire you for that reason.

Administrative assistant cover letters let recruiters know if you are capable to send a business email, whether you match their company culture and how you can handle daily and specific duties. The above cover letters are samples, so feel free to personalize them according to yourself. By sending them along with the resume, you might earn your place in the next phase of employment.

Author: Elizabeth Heron

photo: photologue_np via Flickr

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