Published On: Tue, Jul 16th, 2019

3 Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Health

By Veselina Dzhingarova

When you wish to improve your dog’s health or just make it as beneficial as possible for their longevity, it’s difficult to know what to do. There are so many conflicting ideas that it’s confusing for dog owners pressed for time but still wanting to do the right thing.

Accordingly, we’ve put this article together to make a few suggestions that are easy to implement in a limited amount of time. 

1. Elk Antler Supplement

Elena Rogulina from Pixabay

Supplementation isn’t just good for humans; it’s also good for our canine friends too. They don’t always get what they need in their regular diet, even if it’s balanced and nutritious. This is partly because of new science on what supplements would assist a dog and the reality that some natural compounds aren’t available within most dietary plans.  

With elk antlers from Wapiti Labs, that’s certainly the case. It’s a product created from elk antlers that become available when shed by the animal on its own. In supplement form, it’s been found to support a dog’s immune system and improve both their kidney and liver function too. For older dogs, it can also give them a boost in strength and a bit more stamina to get through the day as an active part of the family too. 

2. Give Them a Routine to Follow

While dogs do enjoy variety, they also need certainty too. Setting a routine that they can rely upon makes them feel safer so they can trust in their environment. They know what is expected of them and their behavior becomes more predictable. Because of this, their body experiences less stress, which is healthier for them. 

Dogs are smarter than we give them credit for. They have an internal body clock as we do, so they know when it’s time for their morning walk. If you forget to feed them when they get back, they’ll surely remind you too.

By having set activities, it makes your day easier to plan because you can organize them around what you’ve already got planned with your four-legged friend. When he’s napping for a couple of hours after a long walk, it’s a great time to get work tasks completed or make calls in the other room to get back to people. 

3. Daily Walks in Different Places

More than just going out to do ‘their business,’ dogs long to get out and about to see the sights. While they won’t be donning a backpack anytime soon, they sure do enjoy running around the park and playing fetch. Mix up which park they go to, so they have new places to investigate too. 

For good health, dogs need to be mentally and physically challenged. It doesn’t do them good to be sedentary all day long. Just like us, they need the stimulation of various kinds to stay interested in life. And that’s good for their owner(s) too because their zest for life is often contagious (in a good way). 

Look at whether an alternative diet would suit your buddy if they’re getting older and have different requirements now. Their needs change just like yours do with the natural aging process.   

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