Published On: Wed, Dec 20th, 2017

3 Ways to Improve Customer Service Via Phone

Whether you own your own business or are working for a large company, the chances are high that, at one point or another, you’ll have to talk to a customer or client on the phone. When a client or customer calls a business’s customer service line, it’s usually because something hasn’t gone the way they thought it would. And when this happens, it can leave the caller feeling frustrated or upset, which means you could be dealing with a hostile caller. But just because the person calling you may be in a bad mood doesn’t mean you have to reflect their mood. So to help you have more control and positivity, here are three ways you can improve your customer service when on the phone.

photo/ Gerd Altmann

Work On Your Tone

Because you’re answering the call, it’s up to you to set the initial tone of the conversation. If you sound tired or angry or bored when you first pick up a call, you may be starting off the conversation on a very bad foot. So to give your customers the best experience, it’s important that you’re always aware of your tone. According to Laura McConney, a contributor SkillsYouNeed.com, you should always try to have a positive tone when you answer the phone. To do this, try to literally put a smile on your face when greeting the customer or client. If your smile and positive, upbeat voice sounds believable, you may have a much better experience with an upset customer.

Use The Caller’s Name When Possible

According to Mary Barkley, a contributor to CustomerThink.com, people love hearing their own name being spoken. Hearing their name makes them feel important and like they’re being given the attention they deserve. So when you’re speaking to a customer or client on the phone, try to periodically use their name. While you shouldn’t go overboard with this, you should try to address them by name and repeat their name back to them a few times. This tactic will make them feel a lot more comfortable talking to you over the phone.

Be Careful When Placing Them On Hold

At times, you may have to put the caller on hold in order to find out answers for them or get additional information. When this happens, CareerTrend.com suggests that you only place them on hold after asking them if this is okay with them. Also, try not to keep them on hold for too long. If it’s been a few minutes and you still don’t have the answer, pick the call back up and tell them you’re still working for them. This will help them feel that you haven’t just left them on hold. If you’ve placed them back on hold but still don’t have the information, ask if you can call them back. This may be a better option for them than sitting on hold for an indeterminate amount of time.

To have better experiences when speaking to customers or clients over the phone, consider using the tips mentioned above next time you’re working customer service.

Author: Anna Johansson

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