Published On: Fri, Nov 24th, 2017

3 Ways To Be a More Positive Person

Being a more positive person doesn’t only help you to feel better on the inside, but it can even have an effect on your overall health.  Often people who are frequently negative and trapped in a constant state of saying “no” tend to fall ill easier.  While people who practice living a positive lifestyle tend to have fewer illnesses and feel an overall greater satisfaction in life.

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Many people would like to be more positive, however, aren’t sure how to get started.  Negativity can become a tough habit to break, therefore, figuring out how to stop the pattern and start fresh with a positive mindset can have its challenges.  If you would like to get started on a positive lifestyle here is how you can do it.

Focus on What’s Working

The first step towards being a positive person who looks at the bright side is to focus on what is working rather than what isn’t working.  This means taking a look at the big picture and picking out everything that fulfills you and that you are grateful for rather than only focusing on the things that are stressful.  Rather than focusing on paying back your loans, focus on how much you love your children.  Rather than focusing on how dirty your kitchen floor is, how about how beautiful the view from your kitchen window is.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of shifting your perspective to something which you aren’t happy about to something which makes you smile.  This will immediately change your vibration and get you into a happy state of mind rather than a negative one.

Always Imagine The Best Possible Scenario

Things come up in life which have variables.  We can never be sure if a situation will turn out one way or the other, but we can be hopeful about it.  Positive people focus on the best possible scenario in any situation which has a variety of outcomes.

By worrying about the worst happening you aren’t doing yourself or anyone else any favors.  Since ultimately you can’t control many situations, worrying about it will do no good, whereas being positive about it will save you a world of worry and stress.

Smile More

Sometimes the simplest gesture such as smiling more often can have an impact on our entire disposition in life.  Try to smile throughout your day as a habit.  This doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to feel other emotions.  Feeling things authentically as they come is important and enriches your human experience.

However, if you can make an effort to smile just a bit more throughout the day then you can improve your outlook overall.

Author: Anna Johansson

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