Published On: Tue, Oct 12th, 2021

3 Ways the World Is Set to Change for the Better Throughout the 2020s

From innovative technologies to building economies, there’s lots of good going on behind the negative media coverage. Much has happened already in the 2020s, and yet we’re not even two years in. Let’s shed some light on the good in the world and discuss some of the ways the world is expected to change for the better in the 2020s.

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Innovative Healthcare

Recent global events have pushed healthcare services worldwide to the brink. Never before has a vaccine been created as fast as the Covid-19 vaccine with such remarkable results – despite the controversy surrounding it. However, the vaccine is just one of the many leaps healthcare innovation is taking.  

Most recently, David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian claimed the prestigious Nobel prize for their research into the sense of touch and heat and how our minds convert physical sensations into electrical messages within the nervous system – making groundbreaking moves towards how we treat pain. Almost 10 million in Britain alone suffer from chronic pain – so the research could change the lives of potentially billions globally.

Innovation spreads far and wide across the healthcare industry, including in the theatre rooms. As a single example, June Medical has combined innovation with renovation with their surgical retractor – making improvements on the old style of retractor that will help the 234 million major surgeries that happen worldwide every year. 

The list of healthcare innovation that aims to change the world for the better could go on forever.

Battling Climate Change

Climate change is a big focal point in the media. Just recently, at the COP26 event — a United Nations climate change conference — religious leaders such as the Pope himself were amongst the many crying out for rapid climate change action. 

One way the aviation industry — one known to be prime culprits of climate change contribution — is changing the world for the better by exploring synthetic jet fuel to reduce their carbon footprint. Transportation is consistently ranked the number one contributor towards climate change, which is one of the reasons why car manufacturers are pledging to go electric to help reduce emissions worldwide. 

Recently, Volvo announced a $2.9 billion IPO to help fund the shift towards electric cars. 

The World Wildlife Organisation reports that the results of climate change are rising sea levels, intense droughts, more frequent storms, and severe heat waves – things the shift towards more sustainable transportation can help pause.

photo/ Darwin Laganzon

A Shift Towards Equality

Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rallies, closing the gender pay gap – there has been a massive shift towards equality in the 2020s so far that are paving the way for a more inclusive world. People are able to express themselves more freely than ever before, using platforms such as social media to express their unique voices. In 2022, the UK will host the first ‘Safe With Me’ event, one set out to revolutionise the way officials tackle inequality around the world.

The push towards equality is creating a more inclusive society, benefiting people in the workplace, home environments, and in the media. People are more inclined to talk about their differences as one.

Amongst all the negativity, there are rays of sunshine that highlight some of the great things that are happening in the world. The 2020s might have been turbulent years so far, but even amongst the chaos, the changes mentioned above prove positive change is happening all around us.

Author: Mildred Austria

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