Published On: Thu, Nov 30th, 2017

3 Top Reasons People Get Divorced

As good as people’s intentions are to stay together after getting married, many people’s once happy relationships end in bitter divorce.  In fact, statistics show that more marriages will end in divorce than remain together forever as their vows claimed they would do.

Many people wonder if marriage is realistic for humans.  There has been a long time debate about whether two people can realistically keep a connection together through all of life’s changes.  While no one has a definitive answer, we can observe the most common reasons why many relationships end in divorce.

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Lack Of Friendship

When two people initially get together there is a strong attraction and physical chemistry.  The romance takes over and butterflies are swarming all over the place.  Over the years, however, it is perfectly common and normal for these initial butterflies to wear off and become calm.

The initial feelings of deep attraction can wear off and when this happens it’s essential for something substantial enough to keep the relationship going.  If there is no friendship between spouses, then regardless of trying mediation, counseling, or reviving your relationship, it will eventually crumble.

Before you marry someone you should try to ask yourself honest and important questions such as how much of a factor their physicality is to you, and whether you would feel the same if they had a different look.  If the answer is that you would love them even if you were blind, then you know your love has the potential to last.


When a couple comes together to marry each other, their expenses are joined together.  If they don’t agree on spending habits and criticise the other frequently for their attitudes towards money, then this can quickly lead to problems.

Many couples fight so much about money that even if they have a strong friendship their lack of agreement on how they spend their finances can take over.  

Before you tie the knot, make sure that you have the same attitudes about spending, saving, and how you want to invest in your future together.

If you find that you start to have major disagreements from the very beginning on how you see your financial future, you should try to reach an understanding as soon as possible, or consider this person just isn’t made for you.

Lack Of Intimacy

A lack of intimacy is a symptom of a deeper disconnect.  When two people stop communicating and feeling close as two individuals this will start to reflect on their physical interactions.

In order to differentiate being roommates from spouses, a physical connection is essential.  Without this, you are nothing more than friends which isn’t the entire point of marriage.

Author: Anna Johansson

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    Spot on…. being apart of a group of geoffrydunnlaw.com lawyers in Rock Hill SC I see this a lot and this is definitely the top 3 reasons people get divorced.

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