Published On: Wed, Jul 17th, 2019

3 Tips To Ensure Your House Painting Project Is A Success

You’ve been thinking about getting this done for months, been researching the best painter to use for weeks and been preparing the house for the last few days, you’re not looking forward to getting the house repainted but you know it’s well overdue and have finally taken action on it.

Whilst painting a house can seem quite straight forward there are a few traps and issues that may arise, continue reading though and we’ll help guide you through this painting process and see you through to the other side with a fantastic paint job that will make your house feel like brand new.

1) Being Cheap Will Cost You In The Long Run

When choosing which painting contractor to use it’s really important to not just go for the cheapest quote. Cheap painters are cheap because they cut corners, use cheaper paint (which will look worse and will become dull much sooner meaning you’ll need to have your house repainted sooner), and generally don’t know what they’re doing, all of which can end up costing you more in the long term. Always choose a reputable painter who has some good reviews (have a look around online), uses quality paints (ask them what paint they use and why) and will take the time to discuss your project in detail with you. (Cheaper painter won’t take the time to discuss things in detail with you, their business model requires them to work fast, moving from one job to the next quickly). If you live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and require a quality house painter, we have had good experiences with Kew Painters and would strongly recommend them.

photo/ Alexas Fotos

2) Always Prepare Well A Few Days In Advance

It’s important that before your house is to be painted, that you’re prepared for it. This includes removing any valuables and storing them somewhere safe (there will be relative strangers walking around your house all day after all), storing all loose items in boxes and moving all furniture and bits and pieces to the centre of the room so that the painting team can access all 4 walls easily. The painting company might do this for you or they might expect you to, if you need help you can ask a friend or family member to help with moving large or awkward furniture.  (You don’t want to risk injury!) The painters will usually provide sheets to cover your furniture with but you might also want to provide your own just to be extra sure. (You can pick up some cheap bed sheets at a discount store, or painting sheets from a hardware store). Also decide now whether you’ll be living in your house whilst the painting takes place. Be aware that there will be paint fumes, and that certain rooms will be unavailable at certain times as the painters work and that you may not be able to cook, clean, or relax completely during this time, and that you might be better moving in with a friend or family member for a few days for your own comfort.

3) During The Painting Process

During the painting process there a few things you can do to ensure that the painters can get the job done quickly and without cutting any corners, which will allow you to move back in sooner. If you’ve decided to live in your house during the process do your best to stay out of the rooms being painted and give the painters the space they need, ask them what their schedule is and what rooms you’ll need to vacate and when. If your house is a distance from the main street, make sure you do everything you can so that they can get their van or truck as close to your front door as possible as they’ll have a of paint and equipment to carry back and forth. If you have any pets ensure they are kept well away from the painters as they can not only be distracting, but they can make a mess, rub against freshly painted walls (leaving fur all over and themselves covered in paint) and for some dogs they can also be dangerous.

Whilst painting your home or property can be a huge inconvenience the end result is usually worth it, your property looks new and fresh, has likely increased in value, and is more weather resistant (in the case of exterior painting). If you prepare properly then your painting project should be relatively pain free and the end result should give you years of pleasure and happiness.

Author: Joseph Mack

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