Published On: Tue, May 16th, 2017

3 Tips to Choosing the Career of Your Dreams

Have you chosen the right career for your mind, body and soul? Everyone has different interests, strengths and education, making it difficult for some people to find the job that provides satisfaction and happiness. Here are a few tips to help you find a great and rewarding career.

When searching for the ideal career, take time to consider your education. Think about how much education you already have, as well as how much more may be needed for your dream job. If your ideal career will truly provide an income as well as a sense of enjoyment, then continuing your education is worth it!

Technology has allowed online schools to provide great education. As long as you have access to a computer and internet, you have access to earning your degree. You can earn a certificate, Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree. There are even schools that offer online MBA programs with no gmat required. Take some time and research which schools provide the best options for your personal situation.

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When searching for your dream career, the first thing to do is consider is your passion. Sit down and make a list of what you enjoy doing when you have down time. Do you spend time sketching or doodling? Do you read scientific books, trying to figure out how the universe works? Would you prefer to spend your time helping others? Do you enjoy listening to other’s problems in hopes of offering a great solution? Do you balance your checkbook and make sure you are on budget?

Figuring out what your true passion is, will help lead you down the right path to the best career choice for you. Give some thought to the idea of what you would do all day, if money were no object.

Past Jobs
Take time to create a list of all of the past jobs you have had. Include everything you have ever done, including the Lemonade Stand on the side of the road, as well as the times you did candy fundraisers in school. Once your job list is created, take some time and really think about how well you enjoyed them.

Next to each job title, make a list of several things that you liked about the job. Did you enjoy speaking with people all day? Or maybe you enjoyed being in the back, working on a computer. Did selling the most candy bars get you hyped up?

Perhaps you had a job being outside and that was what you enjoyed most. Dig deep and try to remember each aspect of what made each job worth going to each day. Also include any certificates, awards or props you received at these jobs, as that will show where you excelled.

Now, next to your list of likes, create a list of dislikes about your past jobs. Be objective while adding your dislikes. It may have been something as simple as a long commute time, or something deeper such as feeling that your skills were not being used. Take the time to really analyze these dislikes and also the ultimate reasons that you are no longer working with these companies.

Finally, go back through your lists. Are there job choices that have mostly positives and very few negatives? If so, highlight these career choices. If you have ones that were mostly negatives, cross those ones out. You will be left with a list of jobs that offered enjoyment at one level or another and this will help you to find a career that you love.

On average, you will spend about 30% of your life working, so having a career that you enjoy is important. There are many different ways to earn a living, from flipping burgers in a fast food joint to controlling the dealings of large corporations. The key is to get your education, find your passion and consider all aspects of your previous jobs, in order to find a lifelong career that brings you success and happiness.  

Author: April Adams

April has a deep love and writing and has a background in both creative and professional writing. Her favorite writing spot is on the white sands of Grand Turk. She also enjoys traveling, especially to tropical beaches. She shares her home with her well-loved pets in the Rocky Mountains. You can find April surfing Facebook in her downtime.

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