Published On: Wed, Jul 18th, 2018

3 Tips to Balance Family Life and Career Aspirations

All of us wear different hats from time to time. However, few people juggle more responsibilities than young professionals who are also looking to start a family. Indeed, would-be fathers and mothers need as much help as they can get if they’re going to ensure a happy familial life as well as a fulfilling career. The good news is, you can pull off such a balancing act. It’s not easy –– and it requires a lot of patience –– but it definitely can be done. To that end, here are three tips to help ambitious people manage both a new family and work obligations.

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Do Your Homework First

Some people don’t enjoy the luxury of planning to have kids. Rather, the realities of parenthood are thrust upon them suddenly. Though, for folks who are still considering whether or not to start a family, it’s imperative to educate yourself on all things related to raising a child. This can entail everything from reading up on fertility tests and tuboplasty procedures, to figuring out how to baby-proof your bathroom. The point is, no amount of preparation is too much when it comes to welcoming a child into your home. The more work you put in beforehand, the better prepared you’ll be to handle the inevitable transition.

Collaborate and Delegate

Be honest with yourself: are you a bit of a control freak? It’s okay to admit it –– most successful people have a kind of passion that drives them to take on more and more work. Still, having a baby will put you behind the eight-ball whether you realize it or not. And getting comfortable with the idea of collaborating and working with others is something every parent with a career needs to do. Be willing to delegate tasks to your coworkers, and alternate responsibilities with your partner, family, and friends. Remember: no one ever reached the top of the mountain without a little help along the way. Be willing to listen to what others have to say about financial advice and time management, for instance. It just may help you out of a jam one day.

Keep Your Schedule Tight

There’s a time and a place for improvisation. New parents, however, should look to cut down on unnecessary diversions. It’s difficult enough handling a career and parenthood at the same time without having to deal with unforeseen distractions. In this instance, do everything in your power to limit procrastination. Keeping a tight schedule might not lower your stress levels, but it will help you navigate through some of the most hectic periods in your life.

Author: Chans Weber

photo/ Pete Linforth

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