Published On: Thu, Sep 27th, 2018

3 Tips To Always Remember When Your Child Loses His Or Her Permanent Tooth

It is healthy for your son or daughter to be involved in co-curriculum activities. It is the dream of every parent to see their son/daughter play around. This is one way of ensuring that your child is in good condition and is also in good health. Sometimes these outdoor activities can be very dangerous, especially when they don’t have any older person looking after them. Some of these games might even proceed into the house. As a parent, you might not have control over some of your child’s activities. However, it is the responsibility of every parent to take precautionary measures that will reduce the impact of an accident, in case it occurs. Sometimes an accident might be so severe to the extent that your child loses a tooth. The reality is that you might not be a dentist or a doctor. Below are things you can do as a parent:

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  • Retrieve the tooth


Every person has two types of teeth, according to ada.org. These are the temporary and permanent teeth. You should understand that adult teeth are supposed to be permanent and are therefore there to stay. So whenever they get knocked out, you should visit a dentist immediately. You should treat the accident with a lot of keenness and urgency as it is an emergency just like any other. As a parent or guardian, when your child’s tooth gets knocked off, you should retrieve the tooth immediately. The child might not have the ability to cool off because he/she is still in shock and pain. Retrieving the tooth is a faster method of ensuring that the tooth doesn’t stay out in the dry atmosphere. It will also be a way of reducing any form of contamination.  


  • Clean the tooth and try putting it back


The next thing that you should do is to clean the tooth. Whether the tooth is permanent or is an implant, it has to be cleaned immediately after retrieval. The cleaning will ensure that the tooth doesn’t have any form of unhygienic bacteria. If at all it’s an implant, it could be recycled and placed back. You wouldn’t want your tooth to infect your gum or even your mouth. An infected tooth can lead to bigger problems. One important thing that you should always remember when you are brushing your tooth is to avoid rubbing it against any surface. Rubbing it will damage the tooth in one way or another. Once you have cleaned the tooth, you can now try putting it back. This is one way of ensuring that you don’t feel any empty spaces in your gum. It also protects your root from infection. Sometimes it might be hard putting the tooth back, especially if it is of your own child.


  • Call the dentist


Whether you have put the tooth back or not, you need the situation looked at by a professional. In this case, you need to contact Aspen Hill Smiles – Emergency Dentist Rockville. You can explain to the dentist the situation beforehand so that he/she can prepare anything that might be needed when you arrive. If your child is still bleeding, you will need the dentist to address that before he/she can fix the tooth. When your child loses a permanent tooth, he/she will probably require an implant to fill in the space. This can also be done by a cosmetic dentist.

Author: Charlie Brown

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