Published On: Mon, Jun 27th, 2016

3 Tips on Buying 2nd Hand and Saving Money

Whether you earn a high salary or not, you can save a lot of money on buying 2nd hand products. For instance, a slightly used appliance can save you hundreds of dollars without compromising quality. You may have to be flexible regarding colors or styles, and the buyer might not offer delivery to your home, but the savings can make the extra effort worth it. You can also find articles of clothing that have barely been worn or even new by scouting 2nd hand clothing stores. These items are perfect for wearing to a one-time event or for children who outgrow clothes quickly.

People who travel light without checked luggage can visit the local 2nd hand store when they arrive at their destination to pick up inexpensive clothes. So if your bank account is suffering and you want to save money, you can consider applying for personal loans or you can save by buying 2nd hand. Whatever you’re buying, here are some things to look for.

photo/ Public domain pictures via Pixabay

photo/ Public domain pictures via Pixabay

  1. One of the items you can buy 2nd hand for the most savings is an automobile. It’s a fact that buying a new car is very expensive. A certain percentage of its value is lost just by driving it off the lot. That’s a huge waste of money and there’s no way to get it back. If you were to turn around and sell it the same day, you would lose money on it. But that’s not the case with 2nd hand cars. When buying a used car, you can not only save money but if you buy for a good price, you can actually earn money on resale. The trick here is in choosing the best car you can afford that has been well maintained and a reduced number of miles on the odometer. To be extra safe, buy one that is still under warranty. If not, then ask the seller if he/she can provide a warranty.
  2. Used appliances are another place to save considerable money. If you buy a new refrigerator or microwave and you try to resell it the next day, you will lose money. Not because the appliance is bad and not because it’s suffered from wear and tear. Just the act of selling a used appliance means you lose money if you bought it new. But from the buyer’s point of view, it’s great. As a purchaser of used appliances, you can take advantage of great savings. For best results, buy reputable brands that are still under warranty.
  3. Before buying your 2nd hand item, find out from the buyer its maintenance history. Whether it’s a car that you’re buying or a lawnmower, keep track of the work that’s been done on it to help you troubleshoot future problems. There is no bargain involved if you buy a problematic item that you must continue to invest in.

Do your homework, ask the right questions and save money on 2nd hand purchases.

Guest Author: Anwar Hossain

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