Published On: Fri, Jul 31st, 2020

3 Tips for an Easy Work Lunch

That half an hour before you leave for work can be a hectic start to the day between getting dressed, taking any pets on a morning stroll and preparing the kids’ school bags. In the hustle and bustle of the morning you might not have enough time to throw together a delicious and healthy lunch for yourself to enjoy while on lunch break.

To avoid eating the same old tasteless sandwich or shelling out $20 each lunch hour on a fast-food order, we have got some tips on how to prepare a work lunch that is easy, cost-effective, and delicious. 

Maximizing Your Slow Cooker

Sometimes the evenings are as busy as the mornings. Why not benefit from cooking slow, but plentiful meals by putting your leftovers to work for you. Whether it is a tasty batch of vegetarian chilli, pulled pork, or a crock-pot chicken stroganoff, it may be easier to include a slow cooker night in your weekly dinner schedule.

The benefit of cooking in your slow cooker is that you can make a giant batch and even set the meal to cook while you are at work during the day.

Not only will you have a hot and easy meal ready once you walk in the door from a long day at work, but cooking in excess also ensures that you will have a tasty lunch ready for the next work day or an easy freezable lunch that you can store in Tupperware for another day of the week.

If you are worried about leaving your slow cooker unattended, consider doing what so many savvy lunchers do – cooking your lunch-to-go during Sunday afternoon meal prep. Thinking of your slow cooker as your friend means that you can prepare at least two or three meals with one big batch while you are relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Sturdy Salads

Are you interested in eating healthy without putting in so much time for lunch prep? How about pulling together a ‘sturdy salad’ – meals that require a little imagination alongside plenty of greens and filling and nutritious vegetables, fruits and protein.

You can start your salads with a base of romaine lettuce (or other leafy green alternatives such as kale and spinach), and then infuse it with healthy whole grains and proteins like chicken or hard-boiled eggs for extra energy.

Give your salads exciting color by adding berries, mangoes, bright citrus, and radicchio. You may also want to try quinoa, faro, barley, or couscous as a base and add nuts to give your salad crunch and texture. The benefit of packing a sturdy salad is that you get to eat a meal that covers nearly all the food groups while also making a meal that avoids paying a ridiculous markup.

Public domain image/ Maduixa at sr.wikipedia

Consider A Nutritionally Designed Meal

What if you are short on time to build your meals as well as go grocery shopping? It may be that between working long hours, tending to your family and home, and having designated ‘me’ time that you have very little space to design lunches that meet your healthy living goals. Consider prepared meal delivery for ordering ready-to-eat and customized meals that are delivered to your door and designed by nutritionists and chefs.

Not only can these globally inspired meals be delivered to your home or work address, but there are options that include organic superfoods, gluten and dairy-free options, nutrient-rich plant power, and free of added sweeteners and preservatives.

If you are interested in eating tasty, worry-free, and healthy lunches that are both cost-efficient and will allow you to free up more of your busy schedule, then consider getting lunches delivered right to your doorstep.

Whether you want to put your slow cooker to work, utilize your creativity to design a sturdy salad, or call up your favorite meal-prep service, work lunches don’t have to be as hard and time consuming as you think. By finding strategies that will allow you to maximize your time and healthy options, daily work lunches can be made that much easier and enjoyable.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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