Published On: Thu, Jun 7th, 2018

3 Things To Do When Your Magic Trick Goes Wrong

The essence of doing magic in front of the audience is the entertainment you provide them with spontaneity. When you perform live in front of the audience, it is very thrilling for them as they get to interact with you and see it happening in front of their eyes. However, sometimes in the moments magic tricks go wrong. You can entertain them by just carrying on and not being too noticeable as they say, the show must go on.

Therefore, to help you go much better in this, here is a list of a few tips for you.  

  • Remember that you decide the end:

Do note that you are the magician and you are always a few steps ahead of the audience. If you goof up with the end of a particular magic trick then merely change it. The spectators will only know what you want them to know. You must avoid telling them the pattern of your method, just in case, it goes wrong. For example, if a playing card is picked from the deck and gets lost. You try to find it, but things do not go right.

Here, the game is to change the ending. You can ask an audience member what his/her card was, act confused, as it could not be his/her card as it is not even in the deck. Then show them that their card is not in the card deck. Take off your shoes and let the card fall out from inside. Alternatively, you can also show them that their card is absent in the pack and then take out your wallet and show that the card is inside a sealed envelope there. You can also Cool Magic Tricks  by visiting this online platform.

  • Don’t expose the method:

You must remember this tip. You are not supposed to present the technique of your magic trick since it would be disastrous in case the magic trick goes wrong. Also, you cannot deny that with the revelation of the method, it may lose its charm. Sometimes, the audience might notice the gimmick fall apart in your hands, or they will spot the coin.

However, you must remain calm and composed in such a situation and end the trick with a real joke or a smile. There is no need to feel embarrassed. You must not draw attention to the failed trick if that happens your audience will pay more attention to it. You can overshadow the impact of the first trick gone wrong can be overshadowed by the next skill you perform amazingly.

  • Practice enough to minimize the errors:

The best way to avoid any mistake is to rehearse as much as you can. It wipes out the chances of failure while performing a trick and therefore, practice will make you a better magician. The spectators will be mesmerized to see you play such fantastic magic tricks at such ease.

Hence, by taking care of these tips, it would be easier for you to avoid mistakes and be an appealing magician.

Author: Carol Trehearn

photo/ kai Stachowiak via pixabay

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