Published On: Sat, Mar 14th, 2015

3 Surprising ‘Green’ Benefits of Steel Buildings

When thinking of earth friendly building materials, steel is not usually the first thing to come to mind. You may imagine straw bales, adobe, or even concrete! But, surprisingly, steel is one of the most beneficial building elements for Mother Earth.

Steel is the kind of material that could feasibly be used forever. It is the ultimate in recycling, with every component being completely recyclable. This material is capable of being melted down and reformed an endless number of times, making it a
usable supply seemingly forever. Steel does not lose its strength when melted, like many other products can. When you create your building or home from steel, it could be steel that has served a thousand other uses before coming home to you.

While steel is not the most fire-resistant of all home products it is capable of being fireproofed in many ways. Many manufacturers use a coating on their steel to increase fire-proofing and there are also other insulating options.

steel framework photo/ Cobatfor

steel framework photo/ Cobatfor

Diverse Uses
The capacity in which steel can be used is limitless. Its durability makes it ideal for agricultural buildings and riding arenas; as well as airplane hangars. The long-lasting, airtight nature of steel structures are also ideal for homes or commercial spaces. If your business or family is growing and you need to
expand your space, it is much easier to do so with steel than with other building materials. You can avoid the lost resources and cost of demolition, as well as recycle your steel when you need to alter your building.

Lower Cost
Steel can be one of the
lowest cost construction elements available. In comparison to concrete, steel can be as low as half the cost to construct buildings under 50,000 square feet. If you are building larger than that, concrete can gain its value, but it does not alter the low cost of steel.

This element is also very flexible and available to change. You do not need to deal with some of the heavy-duty demolition to rework a building when it is comprised of mainly steel; and, in addition to that, any removed materials are recyclable and don’t lose their value. Some enclosures offer the ability to have expandable end walls, ideal for those building agriculturally or livestock minded structures.

Final Thoughts
While there are many eco-friendly options becoming available on the market, do not discount steel due to its previously industrialized reputation. There are many alternative coatings and materials to soften the look and design of this element. As you have read here, this building material is capable of being efficient in many different uses and can add value to your property. You will have the ability to rework your structures more easily, as well as create large open spaces with structural integrity.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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  1. Wade Joel says:

    I had no idea that steel building could even be considered “green”. I never noticed that steel was as long-lasting as you stated in your article. The fact that it can be melted down and reused without losing any of its strength is really great!

  2. Bob Lowe says:

    Thank you for the great information. I would not have thought that steel building would be lower in cost. It is crazy to think that you can almost save half the cost compared to a concrete building. I also like that steel can be recycled and reused for something else.

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