Published On: Sun, May 21st, 2017

3 Reasons You Can’t Commit

You may find yourself stuck in a cycle of not being ready to want to settle down in a committed relationship with someone.  After a few years of this happening, you start to ask yourself what you are doing wrong and whether you are capable of liking anyone enough to want to stick around at all.  

Being commitment-phobic isn’t as rare as you might think.  Many people are single for years until they start to ask themselves the tough questions of why they are always leaving relationships behind.  When it comes down to it the reasons are probably more simple than you think.  Here are the top 4 reasons why people can’t commit.

You Don’t Like Communicating

If you find yourself cringing every time that the phone rings or your phone is on silent face down in a drawer, inside of a box, wrapped in masking tape, locked in a closet, in the basement of your house, you may be one of those people that just doesn’t like communication.  When someone asks you to have a video conference you start to feel your palms sweat and the pressure of having to talk at a screen starts to set in as you start frantically looking for exit doors in the building.

For some people, this dislike for communication goes beyond just the phone, however.  They just don’t like communicating at all.  You might be one of those people that like to keep things simple and on your terms.  Unfortunately, the key ingredient to a relationship is communication.  The foundation of love is opening your heart and personality and letting someone in.

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You Value Your Independence

When you enter into a relationship you are making a commitment to be a team with someone else.  This means they may ask where you are going or what you are doing, and in most cases, they probably deserve to know since you are a team together.

Some people, however, do not like the idea of having to explain themselves or give up the freedom of being able to go wherever they want or do whatever they want without having to explain to anyone. This refusal to let go of your free spirit is not going to work in a relationship unless you are both the same.  And you may be surprised that when you receive a dose of your own medicine, you’ll find it isn’t very wonderful having an aloof partner who refuses to share their whereabouts.

You Aren’t Willing To Settle

Some people have set the bar of quality so high for the partner that they want to meet that they simply aren’t willing to commit to the first person that comes their way who wants to commit to them.  They would rather stay alone and wait for something wonderful to happen and deep connection which merits them finally settling down and making a commitment.

Author: Anna Johansson

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