Published On: Thu, Oct 13th, 2016

3 Reasons Why the Government Is Embracing Natural Materials in Home Design

In recent memory, there has been a huge focus on going natural in any way possible in an effort to curb global warming. The impact synthetics are having on the ecology has been a huge cause for concern for a number of reasons and that’s why home builders are being urged to go natural whenever and wherever possible. For this reason, the government is embracing natural materials in home design. Here are some of the ways in which builders and interior decorators are answering that call.

Food for Thought

Here’s one to think about! Research has proven that just being surrounded by nature and natural elements helps to accelerate thought processes and in many cases not only aids in cognition but is also calming and that’s why home decorators are often called in to senior residence homes and many mental health facilities. They often use wood and marble accents as well as organic fabric for chairs, couches and beds.

Many times they insist on using a 100 cotton duvet cover as opposed to those that are a blend of cotton and synthetic fibres. With cotton being an organic material, it is thought that children sleep better which enhances the waking thought process as a result. Look around you and you will see just how may homes are now being built and decorated with natural materials.

photo courtesy of Fathom Events

photo courtesy of Fathom Events

Better Health Due to Fewer Chemicals

Synthetic materials are known to throw off gasses, known as ‘off gassing’ and this puts those chemicals (gasses) into the air which you breathe. The one problem that seems to run through just about every home around the world is in the bedroom mattresses that we sleep on night after night.

Even if they are made with natural fillers such as cotton and goose down, government regulations mandate that a chemical fire retardant be sprayed on the mattress. It is said that lamb’s wool is naturally fire resistant and that’s why growing numbers of parents are using lamb’s wool crib mattresses.

Natural Materials Are Sustainable

And finally, natural materials are considered to be sustainable which means they do no damage to the delicate balance of the ecology. This is the leading reason why governments around the world endorse the use of natural materials whenever and wherever possible in the construction and décor of a home. From hardwood or ceramic tile floors to bamboo vertical blinds, natural materials are preferential and have recently been made more affordable to make them more attractive to builders and homeowners alike.

It is said that your home is your palace and so you want the very best nature has to offer. There is no getting away from the fact that we are pillaging the natural resources of Mother Nature but natural materials that are sustainable can replenish themselves over years such as through reforestation when cutting so many trees for use in construction. Everyone has a slant on global warming but there are few who disagree with what modern society has done to the ecology. Whether you are looking to build or redecorate, go natural for a truly better life.

Author: Joao Pedro

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