Published On: Fri, Jan 10th, 2020

3 Reasons to Hire a Bin Lifter

Whether you are working in a company that has a constant need to eliminate junk or 

you are thinking about starting a waste collection business, a bin lifter is something that will be a massive help to you. Buying a brand new one can cost a lot of money. Another alternative is to hire one. There are several benefits to hiring a bin lifter, and here are some of them.

It’s cost-effective

As mentioned, purchasing a brand-new bin lifter can cost a lot. Unless you have the capital to invest in the equipment, it may not be a practical choice to buy one. However, you can still benefit from its use without the high cost of purchasing. You can hire a bin lifter for a short period or a longer time, depending on your needs.

The rental rate varies from one provider to another and depending on the model that you choose. Determine your specific needs first to know which model will meet your requirements. One of the factors to consider when hiring a lifter is the volume or weight of waste that you need to dispose of. There’s also the size of the bins to lift. Compare your choices to ensure that you are getting the lifter that you need at the most affordable price. 

It can make the job quicker and easier

Lifting bins and manually transferring the content to a refuse collection vehicle or bin can be time-consuming, and it will require effort and energy. Your employees will spend a longer time to complete the job compared to having a bin lifter do it. It may still require human assistance, but the work will be several times faster and less of a hassle. Instead of spending their time working on garbage disposal, your staff will have more time to do other vital tasks that can help improve the productivity of the company. 

It lowers the risk of injuries

One of the leading reasons why companies hire bin lifters is because of safety. Employees are at risk of injuries when they do the garbage disposal by themselves. Lifting bulky bins can cause back injuries. There is also the possibility that they may lose their grip, causing the container to fall on their feet,  causing pain and injury. Bin lifters have safety features that ensure the bins are properly secured when lifted, to avoid unwanted accidents. Moreover, since it is doing the lifting, employees will no longer be at risk of back injuries. 

If you decide to hire a bin lifter, make sure that you only hire from a reputable company. The lifters will have been used several times previously, so check their maintenance records to ensure that that they are still in the best condition. It’s equally important that you choose an employee who is qualified to operate the lifter. If none of your staff is experienced, make sure that you give someone proper training for safe operation. It will ensure the safety of your employee, the machine, and the company premises.

Author: Mildred Austria

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