Published On: Wed, Apr 19th, 2017

3 Proven Ways Cycling Will Make you Healthier

Staying fit and keeping healthy is necessary for anyone who is out to achieve the most in life. Regardless of what you are involved in, you need to be in perfect health in order to ensure optimum productivity. Over the years, regular exercise has proven itself an essential component of keeping fit.

For many people, however, multiple excuses exist for why they are unable to fit into various exercise regimes. More often than not, you will hear of excuses like busy schedules or funny health complications. For that group of people, cycling comes in handy. Almost everyone can manage this exercise. If you find it difficult to hit the gym every morning or evening, then riding an electric bicycle should prove more manageable. Staying committed to routine cycling comes with loads of health benefits.

Cycling and Cancer

Reliable research on the relationship between cycling and cancer has revealed lower risks of colon and breast cancer amongst regular cyclists. Isn’t that the best news you have heard today? For those who cycle more often, your chances of suffering from bowel cancer are significantly reduced. Yet again, women who incorporate cycling in their regular exercise routine are less likely to be victims of breast cancer.

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Keeps Diabetes at Bay

In the recent past, there has been a great surge on the number of people developing type 2 diabetes. One of the renowned pre-disposing factors of this huge public health concern is lack of physical activity. A recent research in Finland revealed that those who cycled for an average of 30 minutes daily were less susceptible to this rising health concern. More precisely, they have up to 40% chances of not being victims of type 2 diabetes compared to their counterparts who have not embraced regular cycling.

Obesity and Weight Control

For those struggling to shade off some extra pounds of calories, regular riding of pedal-assisted e-bikes comes as a realistic solution. Cycling four to six hours every week helps burn excess fat from your body system. Steady cycling helps you burn an average of 300 calories every hour. Combined with healthy eating habits, routine cycling can be so effective in fighting off obesity. The admirable aspect about using pedal assisted e-bikes for cycling is that the process is less strenuous and yet so beneficial. Hold on a minute. What is pedal assisted ebikes? Someone is probably mumbling.

Well, this is a form of e-bike that relies on a pedal-assisted system to detect and respond to your pedalling. While in use, the automatic motor assistance is activated thus adding more cycling power depending on how much pressure you apply. You can choose between the ‘torque sensing pedelec and ‘rotation sensing pedelec’ depending on your cycling needs. You can always get additional information from your local e-bike store.


The introduction of e-bikes has made exercising and staying healthy easier than ever before. For someone looking forward to a more reliable fitness regime with immense benefits, investing in electric bicycles is a worthy course.


James Jeremy is an established physiotherapist. He also runs a physical fitness blog. For the best answers to popular questions such as what is pedal assisted ebikes and their role in healthy exercise, you can visit his site.


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