Published On: Wed, Feb 27th, 2019

3 Most Inspiring Places From Oceania

Traveling is fun when you have absolute control of your time and finances. Moving from one inspiring location to the other can be thrilling when you know that you’re in control. As a college student, traveling may be a luxury you cannot afford even during the weekend because of homework and other extracurricular activities. However, with the right college homework help, you can spend the weekend in Oceania without worrying about anything.

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Top 3 Inspiring Places To Visit In Oceania

  1. The Kakadu National Park Kakadu, Jabiru Australia

The Kakadu National Park is number one on this list because it is the most inspiring place to visit in Oceania. The beautiful park has over 2000 varieties of plants along with different species of animals. The serenity in this park may be just what you need in case you decide to travel with your homework and you need a place to get inspiration for your paper. Kakadu is the perfect place to find aquatic and none aquatic life as you commune with nature. There are beautiful waterfalls in the park along with rivers that are inhabited by crocodiles.  

  1. Spot X Arrawarra, NSW, Australia

Spot X is located in the heart of Oceania at the Arrawarra beach road in Australia. If you love surfing, then you’ll love Spot X. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t try surfing for the first time at this venue without supervision because the waves of the sea may be too strong. Since you’re a visitor, you may not have surfing insurance to protect yourself in case of an accident. If you’re an experienced surfer though, feel free to dance with the fishes and feel the sea breeze along with other surfers. Surfing is one of the top ten activities in Oceania. There is a surfing camp at Spot X for anyone who is interested in learning a few things about surfing. Since you’ll be staying for a few days, you can meet the instructors and find out which program is suitable for you.

  1. Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park, Fiji

If you’re going to spend the weekend in Fiji, the best place you can visit is the national park so you can see the largest sand dunes in the world. The sand dunes take up to 650 hectares of land and are between 20 to 60 meters tall. They have been developing for millions of years. A lot of archaeological digs have been made in this area. Some anthropologists found pottery shards that date back at least 2,600 years along with some human remains. It’s possible that the early inhabitants of the Fiji island were Lapita people.

These are the three most inspiring places to visit in different parts of Oceania. Since you’ll only be staying for a couple of days, you may be able to pick just one place. The one you pick should depend on your preference. If you’re looking for a serene environment where you can commune with nature, the Kakadu National Park should be your choice. If you’re a surfer who is ready for some competition, Spot X in Arrawarra, Australia is a good place for you. If you’re a student of anthropology who needs inspiration for an anthropology paper format, Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park, Fiji is the best place to learn about the history of the Pacific.

Author: Alice Yoon

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