Published On: Wed, Apr 18th, 2018

3 Major Marketing Challenges for Unconventional Businesses

For years, the marketing industry has been promoted as being the opportunity for any business with the right terms to make a killing. However, over the years, that has not quite proven to be the case. In the hyper-managed and mega-competitive sphere of the online marketing era, too, the idea that anyone can make a case for their products and services no longer holds weight.

Over the last few years, we’ve been seeing major increases in the kind of business models open for people. From the gaming industry to alternative medicine, the world has seen many changes to the kind of businesses that we see in advertising. Sadly, not every industry at the moment has the same kind of credibility or potential to access that others have. Let’s take a look then at some of the limiting factors that are holding back controversial but still growing industries from doing everything that they possibly can.

Lack of AdWords

As one of the most powerful marketing programs on the planet, Google AdWords has a LOT to offer companies. However, given that it holds bans over sexual content (another hugely growing industry as the world matures to the idea of an adult industry) and drug-related content, not everyone has the chance to use it as they should and could.

Drugs and sex – two major parts of modern society – are still viewed upon as dangerous or something we shouldn’t openly promote. As industries pop up around both with relative ease and speed, though, the idea that people cannot promote their businesses properly because of censorship is a major challenge.

With one of the major marketing tools ruled out in some very important industries, those in rather more controversial or unique industries can find it hard to make the impact they intended.

Image/QuinceMedia via pixabay

Social Media Shutdown

The same censorship challenge extends to social media, too. Good luck trying to promote your new pot shop or adult store on Instagram or Facebook. There’s very little that can be done at the moment in some growing and maturing industries, as the general public is just not interested in seeing that kind of adulterated progression.

It’s a tough factor, and one that can really make it hard for a social media program to be used effectively. This is just another part of the marketing shutdown that makes it so hard for people in new and unconventional industries to thrive.

However, there is one upside to this: content management. When creating cool content about these topics, like this cannabis company does, there is both less competition and far more enjoyment to be had. Add in the variety of topics that can be covered in new niches as opposed to saying the same old things over and over, and it becomes easy to see where the pros and cons start.

The lack of strategic partnerships opportunities

Building strategic partnerships is one of the biggest marketing opportunities of our era, but nonetheless, an inaccessible marketing tool by those unconventional businesses. Few are the companies or influencers that want to be associated with controversial products, be those sex products or services or drug-derived products. This is how a real opportunity for the businesses in those industries to thrive, miraculously disappear. Also, given the controversy surrounding these businesses, few potential partners want to give access to their customer databases. What was initially a great expansion and marketing opportunity, is now another door shut in those enterprises’ face.

The reason for which many potential partners avoid such collaborations is the fear that some customers may see a collaboration of this kind insulting and the prospect of losing important clients is a realistic one, in this particular case.

Taboo products still remain in society’s darkest corners, even though many respectable representatives of those societies may use and enjoy those. Still, nobody wants to associate their image with such controversial products, in spite of the growth potential of those. While cannabis-derived therapies become an increasingly popular approach on a variety of conditions, many prefer to secretly rely on those due to social stigma.  

You might struggle to market a new kind of business in one of the less obvious industries. What you have ahead of more mainstream options, though, is variety. When used properly, that can overcome even the most irritating and limiting of censorships.

Author: Cynthia Madison

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