Published On: Wed, Sep 4th, 2019

3 Handy Tools and Appliances for a Commercial Kitchen

You can never have enough kitchen appliances and little extras to make your commercial kitchen truly hum with uninterrupted activity. We’ve taken a look at what would make you and your team more efficient in the culinary arts and come up with a few suggestions. 

Here are three handy tools and appliances for your commercial kitchen that can help make everyone more productive. 

Get Your Ice On

Dealing with ice has always been a bit of a pain for commercial kitchens. Running out of ice at the wrong time isn’t something you can resolve quickly, and it makes working with it even more difficult. 

The current interest in creating shaved ice desserts or adding ice flakes to give other desserts a different texture isn’t easy to replicate with regular kitchen equipment. For that, it’s beneficial to get a dedicated ice flaker or ice crushing machine from a supplier like Fridge Freezer Direct. The extensive range of different machines that are suitable for a busier commercial environment provides added flexibility. Take a look at Fridge Freezer Direct to see what your kitchen needs. 

Heating and Warming

When preparing food for busy restaurants, it’s important the food goes out together for a table. Otherwise, some guests will want to eat, and others will wish to wait until everyone has been served. To avoid this issue, kitchens like to keep food warm if they’re unable to prepare all the dishes to be ready to go out to waiting tables at the same time. 

The trick is to have dishes kept warm without overcooking the food in the process. There are different ways to keep food warm while waiting for the whole table’s order to be ready. Strip heaters act as overhead food warmers to keep plates of food from getting cold. Free standing cabinets are a perfect solution to hold multiple racks with plates of food for commercial kitchens that run into this situation often due to a smaller food preparation area.

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Bakery Equipment

Some commercial kitchens produce different types of baked goods. This might be to deliver warm croissants for breakfast or for a delicious baked apple pie for dessert. 

When it’s necessary to produce a reasonable breakfast or dessert serving, or some main dishes that include baking as a cooking method, e.g. meat pies, then having equipment to handle that becomes necessary. 

A commercial mixer is useful to mix ingredients. A dough divider and rounder, or dough proofers and warmers make light work of larger batches of baked goods to create enough final products to keep a packed dining area content. 

It’s also the case that an insulated heater, which is freestanding and on wheels for convenience, can keep a batch of baked rolls, croissants and other baked items from getting cold. 

Whatever the needs are in a commercial kitchen, there’s always a tool or appliance that can save the day! Make sure yours has the right equipment for what you need to keep the kitchen running smoothly.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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