Published On: Wed, Aug 14th, 2019

3 Elements of Excellent Customer Service

Businesses owe a lot to customers. They are the primary reason why a company is still in the market. Good service is one of the things customers look for in exchange for the trust they give to a brand. Customers can always look for another company to give them the products they need or service they deserve, but what sets a company apart from the others is the kind of customer service they give to their valued clients.

Below are three basic elements of great customer service, which, if achieved, will be able to sustain a healthy relationship with clients:

Customer Service at Portland Oregon library

photo/ Customer Service at Portland Oregon library

1.      Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers are happy customers. They need to get what they want and want to get what they need. The business must then make the transactions with the client a wonderful experience.

The first step to producing customer satisfaction is making a lasting impression. The brand should be able to capture the customer at “first sight,” because they remember every detail about a company. However, long-term customer satisfaction is not acquired overnight. It builds up every time the customer receives a satisfactory service from the business.

Customers are satisfied when assistance from the staff is available. Whenever they have queries about a specific product, it’s always necessary to have reliable and knowledgeable staff around. Also, it’s almost mandatory to be friendly to the customer. Customers have the tendency to associate bad service to the company’s name even if it happened just once. They can recall the simple courtesy the company showed when they asked a question or the tone of voice of the customer service personnel over the phone. Complaints and bad feedback are challenges the customer service department should address well.

For product-based businesses, items should be easy to find with proper price tags. Customers value convenience so much that when they can’t find the item they are looking for, they will just leave the store and look for another establishment that can offer them better products and services.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the grand gestures that keep customers loyal and satisfied. More often than not, it’s the simple acts which lure them in, so it’s best to show customers genuine service to make them feel appreciated.

2.      Customer Retention

Customer retention is keeping customers loyal to your business or brand. Building a great relationship with clients is a good way of establishing a connection that will make them come back.

Consumers should feel that they are important and that the company values their worth. Small gestures like thanking them for purchasing or for their effort of recommending the company’s service to a friend go a long way.

Talking with tact and respect whenever customers have queries or comments affect the way they see the company. Communication is key, since the business representative’s way of handling the concern is a reflection of how the company treats their clientele.

It is also essential to update customers about the business’ latest products or if the store has an upcoming sale. Keeping in touch with customers will make them feel that they have a personal connection with the brand—like a friend telling them the latest news just in case they missed it.

The business should make customers feel that they are part of the company. Loyal customers who have been patronizing the company’s products or services should be given a little special treatment like discounts or freebies. This can encourage other customers to continue giving their trust to the company because of the value they give to them.

3.      Customer Referral

The last element of good customer service is customer referral. When a customer is satisfied, he will become a loyal customer who will refer other customers to your brand. Good customer service is an endless process of managing expectations, retaining clients, and inviting new ones.

People have the tendency to want to hear and read about controversies and mishaps because it’s not daily event. When a customer is dissatisfied with the company’s service, bad news about their reputation will spread like wildfire.  Negative publicity may still be publicity but a tarnished image will not be good for future business transactions.

Companies encounter issues like testing products on animals, usage of too much chemicals, controversial or offensive advertisements, unfair treatment on workers, and rude employees. Some corporations do not want to comment on these issues and just let it pass, but some admit their mistake and promise to be better. Customers appreciate the effort of apologizing, and it can be a way to earn admiration and trust.

Most customers believe their friend’s word on a product rather than advertisements. A satisfied customer can lead their network to trying a product even if they are unfamiliar with it because of trust. Loyal customers are the best people to bring in clients because they know what their friends need and that they’re a perfect match to what the company has to offer. These customers refer others to the company voluntarily to let them experience the same kind of service they received and as a form of gratitude to the company.

How do you rate your company’s customer service? Have you experienced unsatisfactory customer service lately? Let us know!

Guest Author: Gabby Roxas is a business writer and content manager for Abler. She also has a background in entrepreneurship, marketing, design and loves to create things related to interior designing.

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  4. Yiannis Maos says:

    Really good article and I couldn’t agree more with customer retention and referrals however there is one point that didn’t sit right with me…

    “Satisfied customers are happy customers” – when has anyone who was ‘satisfied’ ever been ‘happy’? When I’m satisfied I’m constantly looking for a better experience – something that will WOW me. It is only then that I will want to stay with a brand and go on to tell my friends about them.

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