Published On: Sat, Apr 18th, 2020

3 Desert Destinations to Book in Israel

The world is always full of adventure and surprises with different parts of the world showcasing how unique their environments blossom, revealing their brand of beauty. Israel is home to a rich history and an ever-elegant natural landscape with dunes, trails, and deserts which are excellent places to visit. With trails being open all year round, numerous vacation rentals in Israel are dedicated to housing all the tourists and backpackers looking to put some dust under their feet. If you are not too sure about sharing a hotel with tourists, services such as Jerusalem Vacation Rentals and holiday apartments in Tel Aviv are offered by https://www.koshack.com to give your trip a more personal and accommodating experience.

photo Ron Almo

If you are looking to go for a tourist destination that is different from the hordes of oversaturated beaches and mountain trails, then Israel’s desert destinations might excite the adventurer in you.

Zin Valley

As an appetizer, the Zin Valley Hike is perfect for those who want to stretch their legs first. Since Israel has a somewhat complex trail marking system, you might want to consider learning it through the Zin Valley. Sitting just a few meters from the Ein Aydat National Park, you’ll be able to spot the start of the trail to guide you through the beginning of the short trek.

Boasting the overall basics of a desert hike, the Zin Valley lets you take a peek at the ecosystems of the Zin Valley. Along with its natural sights such as the Ein Akey, Negev’s iconic spring, you’ll also reach rest stops and landmarks such as the ancient Nabataean city. With a short distance of just over 16 kilometers, you could make the most out of a full day with just the speed of a relaxing stroll.

Judean Desert

Named as Yeshimon or the desert of Judah himself, The Judean Desert is along the west bank, east of Jerusalem which stretches from the Dead Sea to the Jordan Valley. With massive dunes, over 1200 ft in the west to over 600 ft in the east, this massive desert-scape has a unique blend of dunes and waterways with many ravines sprinkled along the way.

Negev Desert

Traveling to the Negev desert can give you more than just a hiking trail. Situated along the Nabatean Incense Route, it has Nabatean cities that are a stellar monument to architecture and Israel’s rich culture.  If you’re ready to take your activities past the trekking route, then you’ll be happy to know that there are different activities for you to try out in the desert landscape. Sandboarding along the dunes, rappelling down the Ramon Crater cliffs, and even a wine route across multiple vineyards are all conveniently set around the Negev.

Once you have your fill of adventure, you will be excited to have your eyes see the magic of the stars at night with a pollution-free sky making it one of the best night skies for you to gaze at with a cold beer to relax on hand.

Author: Oliver Samson

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