Published On: Sat, Sep 8th, 2018

3 Basic Ways to Edit and Improve Photos

Few photos look ‘perfect’ when they are first snapped. In some cases your photos may have small issues that you’d like to get rid of, or in others there may be more significant concerns that need to be addressed.

Being able to edit your photo will help you to tackle these issues head on, and tweak the picture to your heart’s content. But while there are many ways in which photos can be edited, initially there are three basic ways that you should try:

  • Level and crop the photo

Nothing is more annoying than when the horizon is a little bit slanted in a photo, which is why one of the most effective ways to edit your photo is to simply level it. Keep in mind leveling can be used for more than just landscape photos, and any photo with a strong horizontal line could benefit from it.

On top of that cropping your photo can help as well, either to adjust its frame after leveling or as a tool to re-frame the photo and adjust its composition. If you do crop your photo be sure to take into account its aspect ratio however.

  • Color correction

In many cases the colors in your photos may be a little bit off due to insufficient light, too much light, or a variety of other factors. To fix these issues you should use color correction and adjust parameters such as the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, shadows, exposure, highlights, and so on.

For beginners it can be difficult to manually adjust the color parameters, but most photo editing software have automated tools to balance the color settings. For example in Movavi Photo Editor there is the ‘Magic Enhance’ feature that you can try.

  • Fix the red eye effect

When you’re taking photos of people and using the built-in flash on your camera, you’ll find that their eyes often glow bright red. That is what is known as the ‘red eye’ effect, and it is caused by the light reflecting off the back of the eye.

In modern day editors there are tools that you can use to specifically fix the red eye effect and reduce or eliminate it completely. If not any editing program can be used to color in the affected area so that it isn’t as obvious.

See how each of these methods of editing your photos can help you to improve them? Because they address common issues that are present in many photos, you should be able to significantly improve most of your photos by applying them.

Make no mistake there’s a lot of other ways that photo editing can help you to improve your photos – but it is important to start somewhere. At the end of the day the more you edit your photos the more you’ll get a feel for how they can be improved, and you can then explore other ways that you can alter and tweak each photo so that it looks perfect.

Author: Abe Abbie

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