Published On: Mon, Mar 7th, 2016

2016 Employee Engagement Trends

Employee engagement trends are changing, especially since the Internet now allows employees to really vent about their experiences with an organization and put the information out there for other workers to see. If you run a business and you want to do your best to keep your employees satisfied, continue reading for a few tips and to check out the latest employee engagement trends you should employ.

Employees Want to Advance in Their Careers

Employees do not want to be stuck at a dead-end job where they can’t advance. Instead, when they enter an organization, they want to know that there is room for growth. They also want to know that their employer will provide additional benefits, such as continuing education, so that they can keep improving and moving up the corporate ladder. So if you want to really keep your employees engaged and happy, you should definitely give them the opportunity to really become an integral part of your organization.

Leaders Need to Be More Compassionate

Employees do not respond well to leaders who are not compassionate and who do not recognize their efforts. Therefore, if you want more engagement from your employees, you need to be a manager who has compassion, and you need to hire fellow managers who will follow suit. Employees want leaders who have dignity, who hold others accountable when necessary and also praise others for their hard work, and who lead with integrity while exhibiting high levels of empathy.

photo Danielle Catrett White

photo Danielle Catrett White

Work-Life Balance Is Very Important

Work-life balance has never been more important, so if you want to keep your employees happy and if you want them to stay with your company for the long run, you should allow them to have a flexible schedule and the ability to work from remote. There are a lot of job functions that do not really require employees to be at the office Monday through Friday, or they may not have to work from 9-5, so see what you can do to boost flexibility and help your employees achieve that all-important balance between their families and their work.

Surveys Provide Insight into Employees’ Minds

More employers are using employee surveys to really get into the minds of those that work for them. If you want to gain access to some great employee surveys that you can customize to meet your unique needs, click hereThese surveys will help you understand how your employees feel about your training and onboarding process upon hire, as well as why they chose to leave if they quit. You can also find out how satisfied they are with their current position, compensation, etc. so that you can make changes wherever necessary to improve engagement.

As you work on employee engagement this year, keep in mind that your staff’s expectations have changed and you need to be aware of the latest trends in order to satisfy their needs and increase retention. The happier your employees are with their jobs, the more willing they will be to give 110% every day.

Guest Author: Carol Trehearn

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