Published On: Thu, Dec 30th, 2010

2010 Weirdest News Stories: Pierced cats, tattooed eyeballs, Shortest man Record

2010 delivered its fair share of freaky stories.  From the “Joking Disease” to “A Zombie Christmas” to a grandmother who tried to sell her grandson and a 4-year-old sued for killing an elderly woman.

2010 had a ton of bizarre and crazy stories.

Matt Gone of Portland Oregon

What could Matt have done to headline this list?

Well, he’s tattooed 98% of his body including his eyeballs. Under the care of a doctor, he’s having the tattoo ink injected into his eyes. Read it for yourself: here.

Blobfish – Ugliest Animal on the planet?

The boneless, human like face of the blobfish which leaves in the deep waters off the coast of Tasmania. Read more about the Ziggy look-alike “blobfish”

“Goth Kittens” – Pierced Cats

A Pennsylvania woman promoted piercing cats, kittens to be more precise, to cash in on the “Goth movement” (Initial story) Fortunately Crawford did have to face charges (Read “Case Closed”)

Big Stories came in “Small Packages”

At 2’9″ Romeo doesn’t stand as tall as the story of his “accomplishment”: World’s Smallest Body Builder.

Meanwhile, the crown of “Shortest Man” went to Edward Nino Hernandez of Columbia as Guinness recognized the man, who stands at 27 inches. There are always other contenders so stayed tuned…Read about Edward or Romeo or even the new face, Junrey Balawing.

photo video coverage on the Telegraph

I Swallowed What?

Lin Kong had borrowed a four-inch-long pair of nail scissors to use instead of a toothpick to clean his teeth after a meal and well, the rest is “Weird News”

Just ask another Chinese man, Zhang, who the China Daily reported, had gone decades without having the chopstick removed because it had not caused him any trouble. (Read about Zhang here)



Smoking can be REALLY bad for you…

From Indonesia a two-year-old was revealed to be a chain smoker and his Dad says: “I’m not worried about his health, he looks healthy. He cries and throws tantrums when we don’t let him smoke. He’s addicted.”

Charlie the ‘Chain Smoking Chimp’ passed away in October at the age of 52 while the Russian government encouraged citizens to smoke more to ‘boost’ the economy.  (Charile dies’ story) and (“Drink more, smoke more”)

One man was so stoned he fired his gun at the alien (Read the story here)

There were so many stories, even after filtering out some of the crude reports, that it was difficult to contrive an end to the list. I decided to end with some crazy headlines (linked to the story if you want to read more)

Man busted smuggling cocaine inside Easter eggs

Florida trailer park brawl over Conway Twitty’s sexual orientation

Photography professor Wafaa Bilal embeds camera in head

Sanitary napkin ad: “WikiLeaks. Butterfly doesn’t”

photo courtesy of Guiness

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